Steven Stallings

Steven Stallings

Stallings is an experienced trial lawyer, specializing in False Claims Act/Qui tam matters and white collar criminal defense. He has been admitted to practice both in Florida as well as numerous federal district and appellate courts nationwide.

Stallings commands attention in any courtroom with his strong jawline and cheek bones, close-cropped dark hair, and matching dark suit. His voice often sounds deep when speaking; every sentence begins with “Sir or your honor”.

Early Life and Education

Steven Stallings is a 6-foot-1, lean quarterback built more like a sprinter. Additionally, he’s an accomplished golfer playing professionally on the PGA Tour; earning three top-25 finishes this year alone! Hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts

Steve and Pam have instilled in him an interest in golf since birth; Steve even helped make his inaugural putt! His mother even assisted him in mastering it!

Stallings boasts deep New England roots and an authentic southern drawl. He has relatives living in five out of the six New England states, making vacation trips there every summer. His favorite movie series is Bourne with Matt Damon as its star (another Massachusetts native); his favorite team(s) include Yankees & Red Sox while orange is his preferred hue.

Professional Career

Stallings is widely recognized for his impeccable ethics. He has worked on cases that have garnered international attention and is also actively engaged with his community; having served on the boards of several non-profit organizations.

“He is an outstanding prosecutor,” noted one Miami attorney who once represented their client against Stallings in a tax evasion case handled by him. “His passion really comes through.”

Stallings would love nothing more than to win this week’s Barbasol Championship and secure his place in next month’s Open at St Andrews, but knows he must perform at his best for that to happen – that means amassing an impressive scoring total and hitting plenty of greens, while being 22 or 23 under par in order to have any hope at winning it all. But Stallings doesn’t appear daunted by such daunting odds!

Achievement and Honors

Brenda Stallings put on her monogrammed apron and served coffee and donuts during a staff appreciation breakfast at her office off Jasper Square. It has become part of her routine, helping build her business, Matrix Integration. Matrix Integration specializes in technology consulting for businesses both locally and nationwide.

Stallings’ work has earned numerous honors and awards. In 2009, he received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts as well as an Art Department grant at BYU.

He is a member of the Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians and serves as chairman of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association, representing gaming tribes throughout California. Additionally, he serves as a delegate of Wells Fargo Native American Banking Services Gaming Group.

Personal Life

Stallings stands out in court with his sharp jaw line and cheek bones, his close-cropped dark hair cut close and all businesslike posture. Each sentence he begins begins with “Yes or Your Honor”, and rarely speaks without first standing to make his points clear.

Stallings’ passion for his job is evident to those who have worked with him. He frequently yells at witnesses and opposing lawyers, even threatening physical harm against them.

Stallings’ words in private conversations have also been often sharp. When Buchanan said she regretted charging Wecht, Stallings snapped back with, “You are going to wish you hadn’t charged this man,” according to an affidavit. Additionally, he has shouted at Wecht’s attorney for divulging details about an expert witness reportedly called by him for testimony in Wecht’s case.

Net Worth

Stallings is an accomplished golfer competing on the PGA Tour and holds three victories to his credit – currently ranking 119th on OWGR.

Stallings won the Greenbrier Classic through a playoff against Bob Estes and Bill Haas in 2011. Stallings made a birdie on the principal additional opening hole against them to claim his title.

Stallings’ sharp jaw line, cheek bones, and close-cropped dark hair give him an intimidating presence in courtroom. His yeses often precede sirs; when speaking he usually stands first before speaking. Wecht’s attorney claims Stallings is passionate and dedicated – never backing down from a fight!

Steven Stallings
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