Steven Teuber

Steven Teuber

Steven Teuber is an accomplished attorney who excels at handling complex litigation matters in areas such as bankruptcy, business law, construction law, intellectual property rights protection and family law.

We find that Teuber’s long history of traffic-related misdemeanors and infractions was an acceptable aggravating factor, therefore upholding his judgement and sentence.

Early Life and Education

Steven holds a bachelor of engineering from Baldwin-Wallace College and an MBA with highest honors from Baldwin-Wallace Business School, in addition to earning a law degree from Detroit College of Law and becoming certified state and federal civil court mediator for cases related to bankruptcy, construction law, intellectual property protection, family law, estate planning and more.

Teuber has served on the Lee County board since 2002 and was reelected after defeating Don Armstrong by only a slim margin in 2014. He considers himself to be a resident of Lee County because he pays bills here, stays half of the time there, and “mental intends” it as his home county; though registered to vote in Manatee, but holds his driver’s license from Lee.

Professional Career

Steven is an experienced attorney that approaches disputes like an engineer and seeks solutions rather than costly litigation to settle them. The Florida Supreme Court certified him as an Appellate, Family and Circuit Civil Mediator; additionally the US Middle District of Florida authorized him as a Federal Court Mediator.

He brings extensive business, construction and manufacturing experience from executive roles at Pall Industrial, Ford Motor Company and General Motors. Additionally, he holds Six Sigma Black Belt training as a leader as well as having graduated Baldwin Wallace College with highest honors MBA degree and Detroit College of Law with Juris Doctorate.

He and Amy formed their own firm in 2011. Specializing in real estate, construction law, intellectual property rights protection, bankruptcy proceedings, family law matters and probate.

Achievement and Honors

Hans Teuber marks 30 years in Seattle this year, and has made an immeasurable mark on its musical landscape despite not having recorded many songs or played regular club gigs. Saxophonist Hans Teuber currently holds down a position as music director at Teatro Zinzanni where his music plays with theatricality while alluding to scripted scenes while remaining precisely sequenced and timed for staging performances.

As well as performing, Mr. Nelson holds an attorney license in both Florida and federal court (US Middle District of FL). Additionally, he practices mediation law specializing in litigation cases related to bankruptcy, family law, probate and contract disputes (LegalStudies). Furthermore, he serves on several local and civic boards such as Freedom Virtue Institute, Lee Value Adjustment Board and Cape Coral Bar Association.

Personal Life

Hans Teuber has been an integral part of Seattle music for 30 years–his unique voice being both powerful and expressive, setting himself apart in the diverse mix.

Teuber has been practicing law for more than 14 years and is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as both a Circuit Civil, Family and Appellate Mediator as well as Certified Federal Civil Mediator (Middle District of Florida). His area of specialty lies within litigation matters that involve bankruptcy law, construction law, intellectual property issues, contract issues, family law concerns as well as business/corp issues.

He serves on Lee County School Board and was once constitutional officer for Learning for Life Character Program. Additionally, he enjoys boating, tennis and other outdoor activities with his daughters.

Net Worth

Game designer Jason Schwertner works full-time as a professional, earning millions in annual revenues from game sales. His popular titles such as Catan and By Hook or Crook became two of the best-selling German imports in America.

At his private law practice, he represents clients in foreclosure and debt cases, earning recognition from the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Civil, Appellate and Family Law specialist.

His personal life, however, has also been beset by controversy. Over the last four years he was sued in seven civil suits in Lee County in that timeframe – mortgage foreclosure proceedings and one filed by an ex-law partner alleging unpaid loan payments totalling nearly $50k were settled out of court.

Steven Teuber
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