Steven Tiller

Steven Tiller

Steven Tiller is an experienced attorney at Whiteford Taylor & Preston who specializes in intellectual property law and co-heads the Maryland-based IP Department of the firm.

Tiller has handled an array of business and intellectual property disputes across industries, such as patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Early Life and Education

Steven Tiller was raised in Oklahoma but always dreamt of California. His goal was to open his own shoe company there and experience the casual lifestyle seen on television. Prior to this dream becoming reality, Tiller spent years traveling all around the globe as a trendspotter, exploring where styles originate and who wears them.

Tiller was on one of his annual trend spotting trips when he discovered SeaVees sneakers from 1960’s brand SeaVees that had become extremely popular at thrift shops in Tokyo during that era. Tiller conducted extensive research into their history and discovered that BF Goodrich had used some of their old rubber to launch men and women sneaker lines under this label.

Tema had over four decades of teaching experience and was an active member of Chester County NEA as well as having served as a delegate at National Representative Assembly meetings.

Professional Career

Steven Tiller is an award-winning business attorney who leads his firm’s intellectual property department in Maryland. He has experience handling patent and trademark litigation for clients in industries including software development, internet applications and manufactured products.

Born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma – an agricultural state – but always feeling drawn towards California, he decided to purchase SeaVees brand in 2010 and relaunch it with its casual California vibe in mind.

He collaborated with several leading UK theatre directors/practitioners, such as Bill Gaskell, Danny Boyle, David Thacker and Katie Mitchell; adapting The Vagina Monologues into its current successful touring show form; also an accomplished bass player and committed runner; still running approximately 20 miles daily long into his seventies!

Achievement and Honors

Tiller has also written several children’s books such as Tangle Fairies, Henry Hump’s Born to Fly: Connected at the Heart, and Rainbow’s Landing.

He is a member of the American Bar Association and actively involved with numerous community service organizations. In particular, he has offered his time to assist those in need and children with special needs.

Steven graduated with his Bachelors in Sports/Entertainment & Event Management from Johnson & Wales University in 2012. Subsequently, in 2019, he went on to receive his Masters in Public Administration at University of the District of Columbia. Steven currently works as the Facilities Manager with Events DC where he utilizes his transferrable skills for public service in Washington D.C.

Personal Life

Steven Tiller was raised in Oklahoma but had long dreamed of moving to California and starting a footwear company. Working for Cole Haan, Ked’s, and Sperry’s was just the start for Steven; eventually he started Boat Wind as his own brand.

He used his next trip to Tokyo as an opportunity for “selfish time”, venturing into a vintage shop that exuded Americana – like those found on Harajuku backstreets – filled with workwear, flannels, post cards and vintage sneakers that included SeaVees that he had been searching for all his life. That is where he found them – his dream sneaker.

Steven currently resides in Washington D.C. with his wife. His passion lies within facilities management and he hopes to one day lead a municipal agency; additionally he supports several community service organizations including NFBPA.

Net Worth

Steven Tyler has amassed an estimated net worth of $150 Million through his successful career in Aerosmith and solo work, in addition to appearances on television programs like The Simpsons and Two and a Half Men.

Tyler, commonly dubbed the Demon of Screaming, is well known for his vocal range and high screams during performances. Through sales of albums and merchandise he has made considerable earnings.

Born 26 March 1948 to Susan Ray and Victor Tallarico of Manhattan, New York. After attending Roosevelt High School until being expelled for drug dependency issues; he went on to complete his secondary education at Quintano’s School for Young Professionals before finally earning his diploma from Roosevelt again.

Steven Tiller
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