Steven Ujvary

Steven Ujvary

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Liesl Ujvary’s writing serves as a constant reminder that reality can be subjective. She tests various models and connects these realities in her most recent book.

Her music offers an equally beguiling experience, taking its inspiration from genetic code permutations and repetition, subtly undermining our expectations in unexpected ways.

Early Life and Education

Liesl Ujvary’s textual experiments engage with ideas and models of reality without seeking solutions; rather they seek to understand their nature. She connects two realities – text and image.

Kalideoscopic imagery extends to her music and sound art, which she has been sharing through radio broadcasts and CD releases for the last decade. If you click “musik” on her website, you will be taken directly to a collection of CDs she has released including one called Sprach ohne Sprache (“speech without language”).

Neophiliac writer with technophilic leanings cannot stop herself from searching for gaps and cracks in our worlds, hoping one may lead into another – no bigger, no better – yet different from our current understanding. Her books act as dangerous thinking games which disrupt hierarchically rigid societies’ rigid thinking systems.

Achievement and Honors

Ujvary is a writer whose writing serves as an ongoing reminder that reality is multivalent, exploring our conceptions and models of it in depth. She creates links between textual realities and visual realities through text and image narratives.

She outlines this complex web through metaphors such as “pilot” and “programmer,” whereby one represents code-writing while the other serves as spatial controller or simulation expert; both positions embodying power.

As part of her performance, she employs an Etherwave Theremin to produce wordless “speech,” which she then processes with a Kaoss pad from Korg – an interactive device which enables realtime processing via finger movements.

Personal Life

Ujvary is an unconventional thinker who seeks out gaps and cracks in her world, tracing a fever curve of complex feedback loops between inner and outer environments. She plays dangerous thinking games – hallucinations arising out of hierarchically rigid societies’ well-organized thought systems is her specialty.

Her crystal clear prose serves as a constant reminder that reality can be subjective. She does not try to address it with didacticism or plot devices that attempt to manipulate readers, nor does she attempt to dazzle readers with special effects.

Her work is an endless experiment in word, sound and image configurations which explore new contexts, areas of expertise and media implications. Her art bridges techno with anagrammatics; neuroscience with game theory; cyberpunk with discursive criticism – it truly represents an artist who seeks knowledge with every step.

Net Worth

Steven Ujvary has an estimated net worth of about $25 Million. He lives with his wife and children in Barnegat, New Jersey as well as owning property in Middle Island, New York. Steven enjoys watching Lord of the Rings and X-men movies while also spending time at the beach.

Starwood Capital Group currently employs him as a Senior VP in their Acquisitions Group, specialising in residential mortgage debt strategies and non-agency whole loans. He began work there in September 2016.

He previously held positions with Macquarie Group and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, performing various roles within each firm. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and government from University of Virginia.

Steven Ujvary
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