Steven Vaught

Steven Vaught – A Magician Who Walked 3,000 Miles Across America

As Steven Vaught approached his 40th birthday and was nearing 400 pounds, he resolved to lose weight by walking across America as part of an intense spiritual and physical journey back to himself.

Vaught was known for his generosity, accepting gifts from strangers on his walk and accepting donations through his website.

Early Life and Education

Steven Vaught has long been a champion for children and teachers. Her expertise lies at the intersection of research, practice, policy development and implementation for preK-12 education and development from birth through career transition. She holds both BA and MA degrees in Psychology.

She currently serves on the School Board in Bristol, Virginia and as President and CEO of Campagna Center – a community-based non-profit that offers comprehensive early childhood to career education as well as support services in Southwest and Central Virginia.

As an avid student of Hollywood history, she has conducted extensive interviews with stars like Martin Scorsese, Karl Malden, Eli Wallach, Sydney Pollack, Jeremy Irons and Joanne Worley. Additionally, she enjoys exploring and discussing the city’s neighborhoods and architecture; with particular expertise on historic homes.

Professional Career

Steve Vaught is one of Indiana’s premier magicians and guarantees to fill your room with laughter, surprise, and delight! His show has thrilled thousands through television appearances, festivals, banquets, and corporate events across Indiana and beyond.

At first, Vaught never anticipated making money through his walk, yet soon found himself overwhelmed with requests from radio and television stations to provide commentary for their programs; eventually he even had to turn down sponsorship offers!

Vaught’s attorney, Peter Strianse, claimed his client had been unfairly targeted as the “scapegoat” for Vanderbilt’s medication cabinet issues. According to Strianse, Vaught made an honest mistake that does not amount to reckless homicide. Vaught’s website inspired many obese Americans to begin exercise programs and kick smoking or other bad habits while motivating some individuals into becoming activists for better nutrition and fitness practices.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Vaught is an award-winning U.S. Marine veteran of Vietnam War fame and well-known for his portrayal in Forrest Gump film. Additionally, he is an experienced aviator who has flown more than a dozen types of aircraft; an active community leader; and has held various public posts.

He currently works as an assistant chief flight instructor at Lakeland College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was honored as a Carson Scholar, given to students who have demonstrated leadership and service to their communities. As a Carson Scholar he volunteers at Jubilee Kitchen while helping neighbors with yard work including cooking meals for them and the families. Additionally he was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa honor society based on their academic achievement in addition to being inducted as part of an honor society chapter locally – being one of two in his chapter

Personal Life

Steve Vaught is an incredible performance magician and entertainer, using magic and mentalism to produce an exciting show for all his audiences! His training in theatre, communication and magic enable him to connect with them on many different levels.

Vaught’s Web journal chronicles his daily adventures, from encounters with stray dogs who follow him around to motel managers calling the police because his singing too loudly disturbed their guests. A music enthusiast, Vaught is known to siphon power from gas station pumps in order to charge his video camera and first-generation iPod.

Vaught claims he learned much during his travels, yet neither his journal nor blog provide evidence of any major discoveries or shifts in perspective. Instead, most of the time he just walked.

Net Worth

Vaught quickly became a national celebrity after finishing his 3,000 mile trek, appearing on various talk shows and even landing an lucrative book deal. His walk garnered donations both directly from those on it as well as through donations made online; these became expected and felt entitlement towards.

Vaught was one of the premier forwards in the league during a brief stretch during the mid 1990s before injuries limited his play. He played for Detroit Pistons, Dallas Mavericks and Washington Wizards before eventually retiring.

He has since transitioned into motivational speaker and entrepreneur, living in Seaside, California with his wife and two children. His estimated net worth stands at $5 Million; expectedly it will continue growing with additional speaking engagements and endorsement deals.

Steven Vaught
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