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Steven Wildman Celebrates 40 Years in the Business World

Steve Wildman was a DJ, media personality, and comedian who enjoyed a four decade long career. As one of the pioneers of using raw language in comedy shows and setting trends that became the basis for contemporary mainstream black humor comedy shows.

He is the author of several books and many articles published in edited books, and also serves as professor and research director at Michigan State University in East Lansing.

Early Life and Education

At a time when Lenny Bruce was being arrested for using profanity in his act and Archie Bunker was at the forefront of comedy, Wildman Steve brought an irreverence and black satire that set the groundwork for modern comedians such as Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock.

He is the author and editor of several books including Video Economics; Broadband Adoption: Economic and Policy Issues; and Rethinking Rights and Regulations: Institutional Responses to New Communications Technologies. Additionally, he teaches and conducts research at Michigan State University’s Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media.

He is highly skilled in business disputes relating to commercial, employment, reinsurance and other forms of insurance litigation as well as litigating cases regarding restrictive covenants, trade secrets and confidential information. In multiple instances he has successfully obtained Temporary Restraining Orders or emergency relief.

Professional Career

“Wildman Steve” has become an iconic presence at state Game and Fish Commission meetings and is seen by many as its face. He often serves as emcee at banquets, speaks at clubs or churches events and always actively works to promote hunting.

He has extensive experience working for large Thoroughbred and Arab studs, and boasts more than 35 years of veterinary practice encompassing horse racing as well as non-racing work. Additionally, he possesses extensive knowledge in equine reproduction.

At Michigan State University-East Lansing he holds the Quello Chair in Telecommunication Studies and directs its Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law. Prior to this position he held roles such as associate professor in communication studies at Northwestern University (where he directed its Program in Telecommunications Science Management Policy), assistant professor of economics at UCLA as well as chairing its Center of Telecommunication Management & Law (where he served for many years), as well as being chair for Telecommunication Management Law Studies at Michigan State.

Achievement and Honors

An engineering graduate of UI has been honored as an Outstanding Young Member by the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists – only 31 individuals have ever received this distinction during its 64 year existence.

Dr. Li has conducted extensive research on broadband adoption, exploring infrastructure cost structures and demand patterns in rural and underserved areas as well as analyzing various spectrum governance regimes and network interconnection policies to understand their efficiency properties.

His honest approach to comedy made him stand out, even when dealing with controversial racial jokes in his act – something rarely found among black comedians of his era and which helped pave the way for modern comedy performances today. His act became an instant classic and is still highly-sought after today.

Personal Life

Steven Wildman is a husband, father, pastor, and teacher devoted to Jesus Christ and Christian Contemporary music. Additionally, he enjoys playing the acoustic guitar and banjo as well as singing on both.

He asserts that the Park Department’s efforts to prune green and wooded areas, like lawns, will leave them barren, devoid of diversity, and lacking garlic mustard, nettles, and marsh marigold for food sources.

Steven Wildman has earned wide praise for his wit, generosity, humor, and passion that have touched audiences worldwide. He continues to teach and inspire. PeekYou provides public records on Steven Wildman including information such as age, current/past addresses, phone numbers, emails addresses, known relatives and much more that are all freely accessible for viewing.

Net Worth

Steven Wildman is a prominent American economist. He currently teaches and conducts research at one of America’s premier communications programs at Michigan State University and co-directs their Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law. Steven has earned degrees from Wabash College, Stanford University and Cornell University with master’s and doctoral degrees respectively in economics.

His marriage and two children have also contributed to his arrest. In the past, he served as an assistant wrestling coach at Johnson and Wales University and Brown University before taking on head wrestling coaching duties for Stanford’s youth wrestling mentorship program. More recently, however, he was involved in a high-speed chase through Cresco with a stolen truck before abandoning it along Highway 9. As such, he is charged with first degree theft, violating custodial orders, eluding authorities, child endangerment among other crimes.

Steven Wildman
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