SumoSprings Sumo Custom Helper Springs – Rear Axle

If you have a 4Runner, you may want to consider upgrading the stock rear axle coil springs with the SumoSprings Coil helper springs. These custom rear axle helper springs will increase the stability of your 4Runner and prevent nose dive and harsh bottom-outs while towing. Because they slide into the factory coils, they don’t affect the rear axle’s capacity to support the weight of the trailer.

To install Solo SumoSprings, raise your vehicle to the required height. Before you start, ensure you have safety jack stands to support your car. Next, remove the bolts on the driver’s side to gain access to the frame. Once you’ve gained access to the frame, unscrew the factory bump stop and loosen the bolts on the mounting bracket. Next, apply blue thread locker to the threads of the M8 hex bolt. Next, align the three holes and attach the mounting bracket.

SumoSprings are made to improve the ride quality of any 4WD. They provide a smooth ride over bumps and allow you to have complete control of your vehicle. These springs provide rigidity for cornering and prevent the vehicle slipping. In addition to the increased ride quality, SumoSprings are maintenance-free and won’t leak air.

The rear axle SumoSprings are designed to offer a perfect balance of weight support and comfort. They can be used to replace a factory bump stop. The adjustable springs provide extra support for the vehicle when it is loaded. However, they will maintain the factory ride even when the car is not being loaded. The micro-cellular polyurethane used in the SumoSprings is designed to minimize rear-end sag, stabilize sway, and soften harsh rebounds.

While the Sumo Spring can be used for either the front or rear axle, it is more expensive than the Sumo Spring for the front. Solo Series is recommended for those who don’t use the rear axle often. To increase tire traction, those who ride in mud and off-road can also use Sumosprings. The Sumo Spring is a single-piece unit attached to the frame.

The patented SumoSprings are available in two different densities, a blue and a black model. The blue model uses a softer material, which requires less weight to compress. The black one requires more weight, so they have a higher load rating and a stiffer unloaded ride. Both the black and blue versions are made in the U.S.A., and will fit the majority of 4Runner drivers.

SumoSprings Sumo Custom Helper Springs – Rear Axle
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