Sunburst Beauty Pageant

Theresa Spooner, the owner of Sunburst USA, Inc., has been organizing beauty pageants for over 30 years. She competed in competitions herself as a teen and coached her two daughters to compete in Florida contests. She understood the benefits of participating in beauty pageants and the negatives of most pageants. In 1978, she created her first beauty pageant, and since then, it has been a popular event in the community.

The pageant started in Florida, but eventually spread to neighboring states. In the Northeast, it began with events in Massachusetts and New York, and in the Midwest and Northeast, it expanded to other parts of the country. In addition to Florida, Sunburst eventually expanded nationwide. It now hosts events in New Jersey, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, and more. It also features contests for both boys and girls.

The pageant is now a nationwide competition. While it began in Florida, the competition quickly spread throughout the Southeast and Northeast. As more contestants requested the pageant, it held events in states including Georgia, North and South Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, and Kansas. With over 100 events held each year, the Sunburst pageant is now recognized across the United States. In 2016, the pageant expanded to other states, including Washington, D.C., and New York.

The first Sunburst event was held in Florida, but it soon spread to other states as well. The number of competing girls and boys in these pageants has increased significantly. Unlike many other beauty pageants, the Sunburst beauty pageant is unique in its focus on the underwater realm. It is open to women and men, young and old, and has no age restrictions. The event is open to anyone interested in modeling.

In addition to the traditional beauty pageant, Sunburst is the only underwater beauty pageant. It is open to both single and married contestants. Whether they are married or single, the competition is a great opportunity to make friends and build lasting memories. The contestants must be at least eighteen months of age to compete. The first finalists will receive a trophy and a crown. The winner will also receive a trophy and a special gift.

In addition to the traditional beauty pageant, the Sunburst is also open to boys. Whether a contestant is married or single, they must be at least eighteen months of age. The Sunburst is an open competition, and a teen may participate in a male or female pageant. They can be male or female, and can be single or married. If they are married, they must be willing to participate in the contest.

In addition to the traditional beauty pageant, the Sunburst pageant is also open to boys. The competition is open to girls who are 0-23 months of age, and to boys who are five to nine years old. Regardless of their gender, the pageant can be held in any location. Its popularity has grown to the point that it has grown to become a nationwide pageant. While it may have started out as a Florida event, the pageant has expanded to neighboring states and the Northeast. In fact, it has since spread throughout the United States.

The Sunburst pageant has become a popular event in Florida. The contestants can be a teenager, or they can be a married woman. The age ranges from 0 to 23 months to five to nine years. For the underage contestants, the competition is open to everyone. The competition is fun for both men and women. You will learn about the rules and the competition requirements for each category.

The Sunburst beauty pageant was originally held in Florida, and it quickly spread to other states. The event is now held in the Northeast and neighboring states. This pageant is open to both single and married women. And it is no longer limited to Florida. The contest is open to anyone who is a child of any age. They can compete in the pageant, but they need to be in good health.

Sunburst Beauty Pageant
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