T Jazelle’s HELP Collection Makes a Difference

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Tiffany Narbonne founded T. Jazelle, a jewelry company. She is a member of the Women in Retail Leadership Circle. Her company creates pieces that are meaningful and inspiring and she takes great pride in the connection each piece makes with each person who wears it. In fact, she even offers pieces that can be engraved and customized, which is something that many customers appreciate. But why should you buy a piece that doesn’t come with a hallmark card?

Designed with purpose, T. Jazelle’s HELP Collection makes a difference through jewelry. Each piece is a symbol of hope and purpose. Each piece will donate $2 to several causes, including animals and children, environment protection, and protecting the oceans. The HELP collection is a perfect way to show your support for these causes while wearing beautiful jewelry. It’s easy to feel good about wearing this unique jewelry collection, and it’s sure to make others smile too!

T Jazelle’s HELP Collection Makes a Difference
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