Tee Higgins Salary in the NFL

Tee Higgins is a defensive back who signed a four-year contract with the Bengals. His deal could end in 2022 with an option year. His salary could top $8 million in that time. Higgins played college football at the University of Tennessee and Clemson University. He stands 1.92 meters tall, and weighs in at around 98 kg. He wears the number 85. Higgins is a former Hot Wheels player and once played football for the team.

Tee Higggins was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round, 2020 NFL Draft. Higgin signed a four year contract worth $8,686,785 and a signing bonus totaling $3,877,664. Although his NFL salary is comparable to that of many players in his position, his earnings are significantly more than the average. Higgin’s salary is based on information from press releases, online encyclopedias, and industry experts.

Higgins’ base salary is $1,399,708 per year. His dead cap value for the season is $2,938,832. Higgins has been a valuable member of the Bengals’ offense for three seasons. During his time at Clemson, he helped the Tigers reach the College Football Playoff. Higgins’ play was instrumental in helping the Tigers win their 2018 national championship.

Tee Higgins’ net worth is estimated to be over 1.5 million USD. Higgins was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and played in the National Football League for the Cincinnati Bengals. His full name is Tamaurice William Tee Higgins. Higgins has not disclosed his siblings or parents. His mother was convicted of using crack cocaine and was sentenced to jail. The woman had an affair and was arrested in 2008.

Tee Higgins was an all-around star in high school. He signed a contract with the Bengals after graduating from Clemson. After graduating from Clemson, he played for the Tennessee Volunteers and then transferred to Clemson. Higgins averaged 17 receptions for 345 yards and two touchdowns in 13 games. Higgins’ impressive stats earned the NFL a large salary.

While Higgins’ parents may have been a part of his career, he put his attention on his daughter’s education. She received her bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University in 2014. She was also a part of the women’s basketball squad. Higgins’ mother, Joanne Higgins, has openly spoken out about her struggles with alcohol and drugs. While it is impossible to know how much money he makes as a wide receiver, Higgins is earning with his professional skills.

Tee Higgins Salary in the NFL
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