Texas Woman’s University Salaries

Texas Woman’s University has a significant difference in the salaries of non-instructional and faculty staff. Non-instructional staff members make more than their teaching counterparts. According to the Texas Woman’s University salary reports, faculty salaries average $78,878 per year while non-instructional staff average $53,026, This information is available by occupation, so you can easily check how much you could be earning.

The median first-year earnings for students who complete their degree at Texas Woman’s University vary. Six years after graduation, graduates earn an average of $40,000. Master’s degree students in the same field earn $68,000 and $55,000 respectively as their first year salaries. These figures are based upon data from the US Department of Education (IRS) and may not reflect all degree programs.

Texas Woman’s University employs 287 people. Salaries vary according to position, but the hourly wage for an administrative assistant ranges from $15.3 to $21.17 per hour. The university’s tuition and fees are $8,394.

Salaries at Texas Woman’s University are highly competitive and depend on the title you hold. Some of the highest-paying titles include Family Nurse Practitioner and Adjunct Professor, which command higher salaries. Student Assistant is the lowest-paid position, earning an average of $20183 per year. There are many job opportunities at Texas Woman’s University if you’re looking for a higher-level job.

Texas Woman’s University Salaries
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