The 1984-1985 NBA Season

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The 1984-1985 NBA season was notable for many reasons. Not only was it the first time the league expanded to thirty teams, it also marked the emergence of Michael Jordan as the league’s top player. Jordan was the leader in four statistical categories, and was also named all-star game MVP. The Clippers moved to Los Angeles from San Diego in this season. After the roof collapsed at the Pontiac Silverdom, the Kings played their final season in Kansas City. The Pistons rented Joe Louis Arena to Detroit.

The 1984-1985 NBA season was the first season where Michael Jordan was only 21 years old. He was playing basketball for Team USA at the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, and he had already won a gold medal with Team USA. The Bulls lost four games in the series and could have evened the season series if they had a better team. Jordan’s play made him an immortal player and he was the league’s leading scorer.

The 1984-1985 NBA season saw the Lakers as a formidable force. They finished second in the Western Conference, but won the Pacific Division by a single game over the Boston Celtics. The Lakers’ team field goal percentage was an all-time high 54.5%, setting an NBA record. The Lakers won four of five games in the finals, and swept the series for the first time in nine tries.

The Bulls finished the season at 50-32, and were led by Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan averaged 33.6 points on 52.7% shooting, and he won his fifth regular-season MVP award. The Bulls reached Conference Finals for the third consecutive year, and Jordan was voted All Star for the third straight time. The Finals were also reached by the Pistons for the third straight season. However, in the end, the Pistons beat the Bulls in Game 7.

The Clippers were originally founded in 1970 by the Buffalo Braves. They played eight seasons in New York. The team moved to Los Angeles in the following year and adopted the nickname “Clippers”. The Clippers did not make it to the conference finals and were a laughing stock for the league for a while. And until the 1984-1985 NBA season, they were the laughing stock of the league. Although the Clippers remained in the NBA, they never reached the conference finals.

After a seven-year absence, the 1984-1985 NBA season saw the Cavaliers return to the playoffs. They lost in four games to the Boston Celtics. The Cavs did not return to the playoffs until 1988. George Karl made his NBA debut in the season. It was also the year that Bernard King had reached his peak. There are many reasons why you should love the 1984-1985 NBA Season.

The 1984-1985 NBA Season
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