The 1985 Miami Dolphins Season

The 1985 Miami Dolphins season was the 20th season in the franchise’s history. The Dolphins won their fourth consecutive AFC East title, and were invited to the AFC Championship game. Here are some highlights of that season. These are the top five moments of the season. They are all memorable. Continue reading for more information! How Was the 1985 Miami Dolphins Season? We Relive the 1985 Season of the Miami Dolphins

The 1985 Miami Dolphins ended their season with 12 wins. They were first in the AFC East. They went 8-0 at home and 4-4 on the road. Miami also went 13-5 in the postseason, finishing the season with four division titles and one Super Bowl appearance. Dan Marino was the offensive’s leader, passing for 4,137 yards with 10 touchdowns. Mark Clayton had 996 yards of receiving. Mike Charles had 7 tackles and one interception.

The 1985 Miami Dolphins opened the season against the Houston Oilers (527 losses). They had previously won five straight AFC West championships. They led 13-0 against the Oilers in the first quarter. However, the injury to Dan Marino forced Miami to substitute quarterback Warren Moon, who went 12/17 for 270 yards. The Dolphins won the Super Bowl against the Patriots, which they lost 17-13.

The 1982 Miami Dolphins had the best season in the franchise’s history, winning 12 games and finishing seventh. Among the Dolphins’ players, Dan Marino set major career NFL passing records, making him a future Hall of Famer. The ’85 Dolphins only advanced to the Super Bowl once in seventeen years, but were defeated by the San Francisco 49ers in the final game. A perfect season is a rare thing, and it is a great accomplishment to see a team reach that level.

Although they finished 6-10 in 1985, the Miami Dolphins still had a strong record. They lost two games to the New England Patriots. The Dolphins trailed 38-21 at the end of the first quarter against the Broncos before a Marino touchdown passed put them in front by four points. The game ended with a field goal drive by the Dolphins. The Dolphins were unable to stop the running game but they had a solid defense.

Overall, the Dolphins had a successful season. However, the playoffs were difficult. The Dolphins were a good team but were unable to win the Super Bowl because they had to play the Steelers in Pittsburgh. This season would be the first since the Dolphins had gone undefeated. The Dolphins maintained an unbeatable record the following season, but were defeated by the Patriots in the Orange Bowl.

The Orange Bowl saw the Dolphins defeat the Seattle Seahawks 31-10. Dan Marino threw for 265 yards and three touchdowns. He was intercepted twice by John Harris. John Harris intercepted him twice. The Dolphins ran for 143 yards, one touchdown, and punted two touchdowns. Dan Marino was MVP and set several NFL records. They were also part of the AFC. The Dolphins were 12-4 in 1983, and they went on to win the AFC championship in 1984. The Dolphins also lost Super Bowl XIX to the San Francisco 49ers. Dan Marino, who had just entered the league, was a key player for the team in 1985.

The 1985 Miami Dolphins Season
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