The 1992 Pittsburgh Steelers

The 1992 season of the Pittsburgh Steelers was the franchise’s 60th season as a professional sports franchise. It was the fifth consecutive season for the Steelers as a member in the National Football League. The team won three Super Bowls and the AFC Championship Game. The 1992 season was the franchise’s most successful, with many first-time players earning Pro Bowl honors. Few key players from 1992 were selected for the 1993 NFL Draft.

The Steelers finished the 1992 season with an 11-5 record and finished first in the NFL’s Central Division. The Steelers finished the season with 225 points. Barry Foster, who ran 1,690 rushing yards, led the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense. Neil O’Donnell was the quarterback, while Jeff Graham threw 49 passes for 711 yards. The Steelers’ defense dominated, with Greg Lloyd recording a league-high 6 sacks of opposing quarterbacks.

The 1992 Pittsburgh Steelers started out the season 6-2, then reached 10-3, before losing two games in December. The Steelers ended the season at 11-5 with a win over Bengals and two consecutive wins over the Houston Oilers. The AFC playoff field was very balanced, with four teams winning 11 games, and two winning ten. The Steelers’ record was good enough to secure the #1 seed in the postseason, but they were not cut out to be champions.

Under Noll, the Steelers weren’t a good team, but they weren’t great either. The Steelers hadn’t won 10 regular season games since 1979 and had only reached the AFC Championship game once, in 1984. But Pittsburgh was still a football town and Bill Cowher built the Steelers’ success on defense. Corner Rod Woodson and linebacker Greg Lloyd were Pro Bowl-caliber players, and Bill Cowher was an excellent defensive coach.

Bill Cowher coached the Steelers in 1993, when they finished first in AFC Central. Although they lost their first playoff match to the Buffalo Bills, they went on to finish 11-5. While the Steelers didn’t win the Super Bowl, they did place third in the AFC West. Cowher was awarded Coach of the Year for his playoff performance. And what about that Super Bowl?

The 1992 Pittsburgh Steelers finished with an 11-5 record, going 7-1 at home and 4-4 on the road. They were 11-6 in postseason play and lost to the Buffalo Bills during the Divisional Round. The 1992 Steelers were still expected win ten more games and finish at 11-5. Their five game winning streak was also exceptional, going 3-1 against AFC Central opponents. But in the end, the Steelers did not make the playoffs.

The 1992 Pittsburgh Steelers
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