The 2011 St Louis Rams

The 2011 St. Louis Rams were a team of American football that played their 74th season in the National Football League. The Rams’ home ground was the heart of St. Louis and they won the Super Bowl for the third time in three years. Steve Spagnuolo was the team’s third head coach and served as general manager for the 2011 season. Here are some facts about 2011 St. Louis Rams.

The Rams have a lot of talk about the QB situation, especially since Sam Bradford was the first overall pick last year. The NFL Offensive Rookie Of the Year award was won by the first-round pick. He had a record-breaking rookie year. The team’s only question mark heading into the 2011 season is Bradford’s health and his ability to play in the NFL for the next two years.

The Rams’ receivers are better than last year’s group. In PPR leagues, you can bet on Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson. Bradford also has a nice aw-shucks public persona that has attracted the attention of national marketers. He is a definite fantasy football pick in PPR leagues. The Rams’ offensive lines are a concern.

The St. Louis Rams were celebrating their 75th season in the National Football League’s 2011 season. They were led by Steve Spagnuolo, who served as head coach for three seasons. The team finished with a record of 2-14-0 overall, 1-7-0 at the home, and a losing record while on the road. The Rams had a talented team of offensive and defense players, but the team couldn’t improve on their 2010 record. They were able to trade a sixth-rounder with the Atlanta Falcons to secure the second overall draft pick.

The Rams lost four starters in 2011, including Steve Spagnuolo, head coach, and Billy Devaney, general manager. The Rams lost three out of four starters after McDaniels’ departure. Fortunately, two of those players played for the Patriots. The 2011 Rams won 2 games. These players now make up the practice squad for the New England Patriots. The 2011 St. Louis Rams didn’t have the same fate as their Patriot counterparts.

The Rams will have the ability to use a variety of plays in addition to Sam Bradford’s explosiveness. In 2010, Sam Bradford completed more than 50 percent of his pass attempts, which was a record. Bradford can air his mistakes and make them public. Bradford also threw an interception on 4.9 percent of his passes farther than five yards downfield.

Another sad fact about the 2011 St. Louis Rams is that they were only 3-14 overall and failed to reach the playoffs. They went 1-7 on the road, and finished with a point differential of -214. The 2011 Rams had a point differential of -214. If you compare this to the 2010 St. Louis Rams, you can see how these numbers are so depressing.

The 2011 St Louis Rams
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