The 2012 Rams Roster

The 2012 Rams roster is the same as last year’s one, which is surprising considering the new coaching staff. There were a few changes to the team’s defense, and no surprise there, with a number of former players in the starting lineup. Of course, there are a few veterans as well, including quarterback Sam Bradford. This is the same for the entire roster, but some of the newer players are not as well known.

The majority of the team is made up of players who have a lot of potential. The roster consists of players from five states: Texas, Illinois, California, and New Mexico. Of those, 93 are from Texas. The team’s captains include Isi Cocker, Blake Hamblin, Alvin Johnson, and Rush Seaver. Of the other players, only two have collegiate experience. As a result, the roster may change over the course of the season.

In addition to these players, there are a number of former Rams that were signed by the Patriots this offseason. In 2011, Brandon Lloyd played for the Rams, and he was a surprise signing for the Patriots. Lloyd posted 51 receptions for 683 yards and five touchdowns. Amendola, a veteran slot receiver and punt returner, played one game in 2011 and signed a five-year deal with the Patriots before the season.

The St. Louis Rams finished the season with a record of 6-7-1, a record not far behind the 2011 team’s. The loss came despite a strong performance by Adrian Peterson and a few early mistakes from the Rams’ offense. Steven Jackson rushed for 73 yards in that loss, making him the 27th player in NFL history to reach the 10,000-yard mark. This year, the Rams signed three more rookie free agents, and will continue to build their roster.

With the new lineup of players, the Rams have made some improvements in their offense and defense. They have increased the size of their offensive line and tight end by implementing more defensive measures. And they have added more depth in the secondary. The defense has also made some changes, such as the addition of veteran safety Justin Sutton and tight end Mike McGlinchey. If you’re looking to upgrade your pickup truck, consider purchasing a new RAM 1500. These trucks are great for work and hauling heavy cargo.

As of the time of this writing, the Rams have signed nine new players in addition to the ones on the 2011 roster. The Rams have also signed a number of former players, including defensive tackle Nick Emond. The team’s new head coach, Jeff Fisher, has been a popular choice among coaches, but that does not mean he’ll make a lot of changes to his team. The organization has made the right decisions, and fans have responded. It’s the most important year for the Rams, and they will only make better decisions in the future.

The 2012 Rams Roster
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