The 2016 Bengals Roster

There are several new faces on the Bengals’ roster for 2016, but the same old faces are returning. Clint Boling and Russell Bodine are the starting offensive linemen. The Bengals have replaced Andre Smith at right tackle with Cedric Obuehi. Trey Hopkins and Christian Westerman are available as backups. Bodine’s injury record is concerning, and Johnson, who averaged more than three sacks per season, is not likely to be replaced.

Many of the key components of the team’s offense are the same as last season. Andy Dalton, the starting quarterback, is back along with A.J. McCarron and Jeff Driskel. Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill, running backs, return. Ryan Hewitt is back as well as Rex Burkhead and Ryan Hewitt are backups. However, three other key players remain the same from last year. Here’s a look at the rest the 2016 Bengals roster.

The Bengals added stud DE Tre Hendrickson to the team’s defensive line. Atkins, already a solid defensive player should be a spark in passing situations. As a rookie, Atkins averaged over five sacks last season, and he will likely continue to grow into a starting role on the Bengals’ roster. The Bengals’ defense is already very deep, but the new additions should make it more competitive.

The Bengals also re-signed defensive tackle Corey Coleman, who won the 2015 Pro Bowl and was named All-Pro and made his second Pro Bowl. While he’ll be the team’s starting left tackle, Shazier is the best backup available. After a stellar 2015 season, the Bengals signed Shazier to a three year extension. He’ll be the backup for Hill and Bernard, but will provide instant impact in the pass game. As a result, Corey Davis could return later in the season and play a key role on special teams.

As a result, the Bengals’ offensive line is a bit thin and the running game is lacking. This is especially true for quarterback Andy Dalton. The Bengals’ first-round pick in the draft, A. J. Green, is listed on the roster as well. A. J. Green pulled his hamstring during the first quarter. As a result, Green’s role in the passing game is compromised.

Despite injury concerns, the Bengals offense was able move the ball well. A. J. Green’s 13-yard pass scored the Bengals. Green. After a long drive, Andy Dalton scored two touchdowns to move the Bengals into the red zone. The Bengals are now 1-2 and in third place of the AFC North. If they win their divisional match, you can still catch them in the playoffs.

The Bengals’ offense had some ups and downs. Jeremy Hill ran for 74 yards to help the Bengals score in the second quarter. Meanwhile, Rex Burkhead ran for 28 yards to seal the win. The Bengals’ offense had a rough season but finished 6-9-1. With the playoff hopes still in reach, this was an impressive season. But there’s still much work to be done in order to improve the team’s record.

The 2016 Bengals Roster
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