The Abandoned Wife Has a New Husband

Jennifer E. Smith wrote The Abandoned Wife has a New Husband, a novel. This story is about a woman who is abandoned by her husband and remarries a man that she just met. She does so despite the fact that her former husband is still very much in love with her. In this novel, she struggles to overcome this situation and learn to love her new husband again. She is unable to resist the temptation of her husband, but she is determined that they make their lives work.

The Abandoned Wife Has a New Husband

The abandoned wife has a new husband is a romance manga that deals with an abandoned daughter. This story is full of drama, romance, and tragedy. The novel covers all these elements in an entertaining way. Here’s a brief look at some of the story’s best aspects:

One of the best manga adaptations of the novel is The Abandoned Wife Has a New Husband. This manga is a good read and a must-read for fans of romance. The manga averages around four stars. It is written by Shiho Yoshikazu and published in Japan by mangaBuddy. The translation of other chapters is underway. The plot follows a woman who becomes engaged to a third prince, only to find out that he isn’t her husband!


The summary of an abandoned wife having a new husband is an emotional ride that combines fantasy and tragedy. It’s a great book for anyone who has suffered abandonment. You’re in for a treat if you haven’t read a manga similar to this before. The series has been translated into several languages, including English and French. Here are some things you can expect from this bestselling novel.


When a husband unexpectedly leaves his wife, the new bride will likely have a different set of characters than her former husband. She could have been the “other wife” he left behind or she may be the one he abandoned suddenly. Both spouses will likely experience predictable stages of grief in either case. She will likely be disbelieving and confused when the news reaches her. This could lead to her feeling destabilized.

The Abandoned Wife Has a New Husband
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