The ACK E-04 Emergency Locator For General Aviation

the ack e 04 emergency locator for general aviation 44506

The ACK E-04 is an emergency locator transmitter for general aviation that operates on 406 MHz and 121.5 MHZ. It is a direct replacement for the E-01, which fits on the same mounting trays and uses the same remote control panel indicator. If you already have an E-01, you can use the existing wiring and mounting for the external antenna. This emergency locator is designed to activate automatically in the event of an aircraft crash. Once activated, it will transmit a distress signal on 406 MHz for up to 24 hours and a homing signal for up to 48 hours.

The E-04 has a built-in GPS system and can interface with an aircraft’s GPS system. It accepts input data from a variety of devices to determine the exact position of a plane in flight. Once the ELT receives this information, it can send the data to a search and rescue team, which can drastically shorten the search time. Additionally, it comes with an aural alert and a plug-in alert indicator, which is a vital safety feature for aircraft pilots.

The ACK E-04 Emergency Locator For General Aviation
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