The American Institute of Standards and Technology (ISOT)

the american institute of standards and technology isot 47283

The American Institute of Standards and Technology (ISOT) is an international organization that oversees and documents ISO specifications and related standards. It acts as a conduit between ISO, ANSI, facilitating ideas exchange, and monitoring and promoting international standards use in the United States and worldwide. It is responsible for monitoring ISO documents, accrediting U.S. delegations at international meetings, nominating expert work groups, and coordination with key groups. It also helps facilitate ANSI Virtual Technical Advisory Groups, organizes training programs, and assists with committee-specific issues. The ISOT staff has extensive experience with ISO procedures and ANSI international procedures.

Using nitrogen isotopes to measure nitrogen content in soils is a valuable way to distinguish organic and conventionally fertilized uplands. A recent paper published in J. Agric. Food Chem. Rogers, K.M. uses nitrogen isotopes for determining the type of farming method used by a farmer. Verenitch, S., and Mazumder, S. used nitrogen isotopes to validate the authenticity of organic produce in western North America.

The American Institute of Standards and Technology (ISOT)
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