The Average Lineman Salary in Indiana

According to Mint Salary, the average lineman salary in Indiana is $51,000 per year. This figure is based upon the salary information for 416 TurboTax customers. However, the actual salary range for a Lineman can be as much as $137,500. These figures are just an average and may vary greatly by location, experience and other factors. This article will discuss the salary of a Lineman in Indiana and provide you with details on the various levels of pay for this occupation.

Average salary for a class A lineman in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a great city to live in when it comes to cost of living. When taking cost of living into consideration, Indianapolis ranks as the best city for Class A linemen. In fact, it ranks first in the nation for this profession! The average salary for a Class A lineman in Indianapolis is around $868 a week. However, if you want to earn more, consider getting a degree or a higher salary.

In Indiana, the average salary for a Class A lineman is $62,529 per year. The average salary for a Class A lineman is $66,450 while the top 80% earns more than $95,990. After taxes and other expenses, an individual could expect to take home about $52,062 a year. That’s about $2,169 per paycheck. A good start is an education. For those who want a high-paying job in Indianapolis, a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering is required.

Indianapolis’s median salary for a Lineman is $51,000. Lineman salaries can range from $20,000 to $137,000. This range depends on many factors. Depending on the location and the type of work, you can earn up to $51,000 or more in Indiana. You could also be a head for a company’s power lines department. This position is typically the highest-paying one within the organization.

Linemen work for energy companies, or other companies that build power lines. However, they can also work with telecommunications companies and government agencies. They typically work in crews of three to four, with each member reporting to a manager. The manager will tell the line crew where the power lines are down or working properly. Working for such a high-paying position requires regular hours, although some are more unpredictable, like power outages.

Average toll lineman salary in Evansville

The average toll lineman salary in Evansville, IN is $48,389 per year, or $23 an hour. This is 6% less than the national average. This includes bonuses of $779. Salary figures are based on anonymous surveys taken from Evansville, Indiana employers and employees. Entry-level tolllinemen make an average of $356,689 per year, while experienced tolllinemen make $58,974 each year. Salary growth over five years is 18%.

The cost of living in Evansville is lower than the national average. The cost of living in Evansville, Indiana is calculated by adding up all costs. The population of Evansville is 117,429, making it the largest city in Southern Indiana. The city is a hub for medical, commercial and tri-state activity. Residents enjoy an average salary of $47,600 per year. However, this figure is not high enough for many people.

The Average Lineman Salary in Indiana
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