The Average Monday Salary in Clatskanie, OR

ZipRecruiter reports that the average Monday salary is $67500, but it could be as low at $18,000. This category pays between $26,000 to $48,500. The highest earners in this group earn upwards to $60,000. Monday salary ranges vary widely depending on skill level, location, and years of experience. You can view the average Monday salary for your area below. These numbers are only indicative and are not guaranteed.

In Clatskanie, OR, the Monday job market is active, with workers earning an average of $36,943 a year. This is $1,856 lower than the national average, but Oregon ranks thirty-one out of 50 states in terms of average Monday salary. ZipRecruiter continuously scans millions upon millions of jobs across America to find similar jobs. And by comparing salaries for the same position in different cities, you can see the difference.

Paydays can be difficult if a holiday falls during the week. Normally, employees are paid the Friday before a holiday. But there are situations where this can cause problems, which is why employers typically choose to pay their employees on the weekend instead. There is no law that requires you to pay your employees on weekends. A Monday salary is a great example of when a holiday paycheck can cause issues.

The Average Monday Salary in Clatskanie, OR
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