The Average Salary in New Orleans

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While the average salary in New Orleans is higher than that of other U.S. cities, many people still feel underpaid. The New Orleans metropolitan area’s median household income is $36,964 per year, which is significantly lower than the national average. This is reflected in the high number of people living in poverty in the area – nearly 40 percent of families make less than eight hundred dollars a month. It is important to know how New Orleans’ median salary compares to other parts of the US.

The average salary in New Orleans is $48,806 per year for a police officer. This includes base pay as well as annual incentive packages. It can be more expensive than this figure, ranging from $51,150 to $86,022 a year. If you are looking for a job in the city, you can start your research by using an online salary tool like Zippia. A free salary report can give you insight into the salary you can expect to make in your new position.

While the average monthly salary in New Orleans, LA is not specific to any one job category, it can give you an idea of the cost of living. You can cut down on your expenses by sharing a room with a roommate or getting rid of your car. On average, a person needs a salary of $40480 to rent a one-bedroom apartment. For a two-bedroom apartment, you need to make $47280. These numbers may seem high, but they aren’t.

A single person’s annual income in New Orleans is $5.113, but a family of two adults working full-time should budget for $11,672. This means that you should budget at most half of the amount each year for food and budget for jambalaya and other Louisiana traditional dishes. These expenses can quickly add up. Fortunately, there are many options for reducing your cost of living, which will benefit both you and your family’s budget.

Louisiana has a higher number of jobs than neighboring states like Mississippi and Arkansas. The New Orleans Public Library, for example, employs over 200 people. With fifteen different locations, the New Orleans Public Library offers a variety of jobs, from collection development to library director. A library director can earn an additional income in New Orleans and information technology solutions can help the city stay competitive. However, a librarian needs to have a strong educational background.

The Average Salary in New Orleans
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