The Bears’ 2011 NFL Draft Picks

The Chicago Bears have made a few mistakes during the 2011 NFL Draft, but they still drafted a few quality players. This is especially true of their pick of quarterback Caleb Hanie. This is a very good pick, but the Bears should develop their own young quarterback before dumping money on an older, less-than-proven veteran. Hanie is not the only Bears quarterback experience. Mike Martz has a history drafting talentless players.

The Bears traded up to the top and selected Cedric Benson, running back, in the first round of 2003. The Bears had other problems than running back and Benson ended up missing training camp for the entire season. Although Benson was able to contribute to the Bears’ 2006 Super Bowl run in 2006, he did not become a regular starter. Despite his lackluster performance, Benson was a solid pick in the NFL Draft.

Another notable pick is tackle Marcus Cannon, a 350-pound tackle out of TCU. The Bears might not be able to sign him in time, but he could prove to be an excellent pick if he’s ready to start a season as soon as possible. The Bears will also need some help along the defensive line, so they could consider taking a tackle or a cornerback. Paea’s combine bench press performance made him the talk of the combine, and he’s a great fit for Chicago.

Aside from Green, the Bears also need help in the secondary and quarterback position. Outside of Jaylon Johnson, the Bears are in need of help in both areas. Kindle Vildor made 12 starts last year, while Thomas Graham Jr. showed some promise. They also need defensive linemen and pass rushers. The Bears’ picks will depend on their expectations for the draft selections. The Bears’ 2011 NFL Draft picks will determine whether they select a player who is a good fit for this position.

While the Bears didn’t get a top-tier tackle in the NFL Draft, they did find a few great value picks in the later rounds. They took a pick of a RB who was projected to be selected sooner than the Bears, but they traded down nine spots to acquire a first-rounder. This pick has proven to be an excellent fit for the Bears, as Carimi is capable of line-up on both sides of the ball.

Terrell was one of the draft class’s Pro Bowlers. He was not a great player but he put up some numbers and played in regular season. In addition, he had trouble playing in the dirt. Despite his good numbers, he failed to live up to expectations at the next level. In the end, Terrell was released after four seasons.

The Bears’ 2011 NFL Draft Picks
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