The Benefits of Pooping Toothpaste

the benefits of pooping toothpaste 47395

Popping toothpaste has many benefits, including the fact that it fights plaque and the fun fact it looks like Shrek is peeing. Whether your child has a favorite movie or cartoon character, a fun toothpaste topper will make brushing your teeth more fun. Whether it’s for Halloween or a special occasion, pooping toothpaste can be fun for everyone! So, what are some of the reasons to try it?

TikTok has made Shrek’s toothpaste topper viral. But there’s also a cute Patrick Star topper. This toothpaste topper is made from PLA plastic and can fit a standard toothpaste tube. The adorable Patrick Star toothpaste topper will delight both children and adults. Even if you don’t like Disney characters, you might consider a Shrek toothpaste topping.

The Benefits of Pooping Toothpaste
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