The Bengals Announced Their 2008 Roster

After the offseason, the Bengals were able to make some changes to their 2008 roster. The safety position will be cut, but there is no shortage of experience at that position. The team is currently evaluating several players, including undrafted rookie Darius Hill and free agent kicker Sam Swank. The addition of Maualuga will take some of Blackstock’s snaps away, but he should still play a key role on defense.

Among the players on the offensive line, Bobbie Williams, who has played with the Bengals for five seasons, is still considered the team’s most experienced lineman. Williams was the only starter on the 2005 offensive line. He has been a reliable and excellent player. The Bengals’ line is also bolstered by the presence of big-bodied Agustus Parrish and Dennis Roland. But there are also some question marks outside of the starting lineup.

Despite his storied career as an NFL rookie, Odell Thurman did not make the Bengals’ 2008 roster. After missing the entire preseason last year, the Bengals promoted him from defensive end into outside linebacker. However, the injury he sustained last season cost him his season. He only recorded 2.5 sacks. He had micro-fracture surgery during the offseason and will most likely rotate with Michael Johnson.

Another change to the offensive line is Whitworth’s move from left guard to left tackle. Whitworth will need to adapt to blocking speed rushers from the edge. He was an outstanding player before the switch. With the addition of Andre Smith, the Bengals will have an extra tackle. Collins will be able to protect Carson Palmer by being added to the offensive line. Collins could be a better choice if Smith is not able to play in the NFL.

Among the most notable changes are the quarterbacks. Carson Palmer was the starting quarterback in the first half of the season but only played four games. He was replaced by Ryan Fitzpatrick for the final half of the season. Despite inconsistent play at the quarterback position, the Bengals were 4-3-1 in their second half. Despite a poor start, the offense finished near its season lows and the defense improved to a top-12 standing.

After a bye week, the Bengals headed south to play the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football. The Vikings scored a field goal in the second quarter, and then RB Sidney Rice caught a nine-yard touchdown pass from Brett Favre. Chad Ochocinco was hit with two touchdown passes by Carson Palmer. Ultimately, the Bengals were outnumbered, and the game went on to be a blowout for the Titans.

The Cincinnati Bengals won their Week 7 game against the Chicago Bears in the AFC North. Carson Palmer connected with wide receiver Chris Henry for a touchdown pass. Cedric Benson, running back for the Bengals, ran a 10-yard touchdown run. The defense held on to the win. Although it was a tough game for the Bengals they managed to win the game.

The Bengals Announced Their 2008 Roster
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