The Bengals’ Running Backs in 2013

On their 53-man roster, the Bengals have four runningbacks, including Bernard Scott and Cedric Peerman. The Bengals also drafted running backs with sixth-round picks in 2012 and 2013. The Bengals drafted Rex Burkhead and Daniel Herron, both of whom are versatile. The Bengals’ offensive coordinator is Brian Leonard, whose offense has been praised for its success with running backs in the past.

Porter was the Bengals first pick in the 2013 draft and has played almost every snap for them since. Although Porter was a good player at Texas A&M he didn’t make a significant impact on the Bengals. He played only one snap in 2014 against the Patriots and injured his ACL. If Porter is able to stay healthy, the Bengals will likely move on to a better runningback.

Giovani Bernard, a third-down back who is a great player and was a key part of the Bengals’ playoff teams over the past decade, is exemplary. He averaged 3.9 yards per run and was Jay Gruden’s first choice. The Bengals needed a pass-catching back to replace Gruden in 2012 after drafting him. Giovani Bernard is a potential impact player for the Bengals offense, but the team has yet to see his full potential.

Gio Bernard is a good fit for the Bengals’ West Coast Offense. This offense demands a high football I.Q. He is versatile and has a high football I.Q. Gruden regarded him highly during the 2012 draft, and he was involved in the selections of Burkhead as well as Herron. Justin Peerman, a non-Gruden player who has had success in many areas of the game, is another. This versatile running back will be a key part of the team’s offense.

While Johnson did not make the 53-man roster in 2012, his presence on the field makes him an excellent choice for the Bengals’ interior. He was a good addition to the offensive line as a depth player, playing alongside Russell Bodine at centre. He is a good visionary and has a strong sense for anticipation. The Bengals should be able to use both of these running backs as starting starters in 2013.

Injuries early in Burkhead’s career hampered Burkhead’s progress. He finally got back on his feet with the Patriots’ offense. In their past four seasons, the running back has been a solid player when healthy. Burkhead won a Super Bowl Ring this season. Porter was limited to playing with the Bengals last season due to injury. Hawkinson, however, played in five games while Fragel only played one. While Hamilton did not start a regular season game, he played in the playoff game against Indianapolis in 2014.

With Andy Dalton, the Bengals have no need to trade up at running back. However, they have spent two top picks on offensive weapons to complement Dalton. Tyler Eifert, a surprise choice, is a better passer-catcher than Jermaine Gresseham. Eifert, on the other hand is more versatile and can play in tight end sets. The Bengals believe Eifert will be a valuable player in the core for the next five to 10 years.

The Bengals’ Running Backs in 2013
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