The Brindled Men

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Unlike other races of humans, the Brindled Men have no innate intelligence. They are primitive slaves that reproduce only by mating. They are different from Homo sapiens and cannot communicate with one another or any other human race. They are therefore considered to be the last ancestors Homo sapiens. Here are some facts about them.

The world of Sothoryos is home to the Brindled Men. These creatures may be alien to human nature, according to Maester Yandel. The Sothoryis in the southern part of the continent worship dark gods and perform obscene rites. They can be considered an extension of the ancient Sothoryi. Despite being a strange race, they are nonetheless dangerous and unpredictable.

In fact, their ancestors likely separated from other humanoids at an early stage. Some evidence suggests that the Brindled Men separated from other humanoids during the late Pleistocene period. They are also similar to Australopithecus and Homo erectus, but possessed a much more primitive and savage appearance. These creatures are often mistaken for Victarion, a kind of lizard.

The Brindled Men
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