The Cincinnati Bengals Extend Wide Receiver Tyler Boyd’s Contract

In order to get the best value for their money, the Bengals must make a decision on their next receiver, and the signing of Tyler Boyd could be just that. The Bengals are expected to use a pass-friendly offense this season, and the Bengals could score a bargain if Boyd tops 1,000 receiving yards this season. Pro Football Focus graded Boyd as a top-five slot receiver. He caught 20 of his 36 targets from money downs, which resulted in 14 first downs as well as two touchdowns.

Tyler Boyd is a slot receiver for the NFL

Although his touchdown production has been inconsistent at times, Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd is now one of the best slot receivers in all of NFL. He’s the sixth Bengals player with back-to-back 1,000-yard receiving seasons. He has 12 touchdowns in his last two seasons and ranks sixth among all NFL slots receivers with 371 yards following the catch. Boyd, regardless of his position, is a reliable target for quarterback Joe Mixon in critical situations.

Boyd made a strong impression in his rookie season. He caught 57 passes from 88 targets, totalling 776 yards and two touchdowns. His passer rating was 86.0 against Joe Flacco and Tyrod Taylor. He should improve his performance against opposing defenders in 2019, however, because of his failure to catch passes on 88 targets for 776 yards and two touchdowns.

Boyd has had more receptions than either of his teammates but his catch rate is lower. The NFL drafted a slot receiver with a target distance more than twice that of a wide receiver. The average target distance for a slot receiver is 11.8 yards, while the same for a wide receiver running outside of the slot is 16.8 yards. Despite the differences in target distance, Boyd and Smith-Schuster have been successful at catching the ball in the end zone.

He has 78 receptions, 1,261 yards, and eight touchdowns

Tyler Boyd has been one of college football’s most productive wide receivers in recent years. Redshirt junior caught 78 passes for 1,261 yards, and eight touchdowns in his first season as a four star recruit. He was also a prolific kick returner, averaging 27.6 yards per return. While his freshman year was marred by knee injuries, he has since recovered and is looking forward to a second season.

Boyd is a solid first-round selection with only one season remaining. He has the tools to be a top-15, top-5 or top-10 pick in 2016 NFL Draft. However, he will have stiff competition for his spot, most notably Ole Miss wideout Laquand Treadwell. His draft stock could be affected if he fails improve his combine numbers.

Despite the suspension, the talented sophomore had an outstanding sophomore season, finishing second in the ACC with 78 receptions for 1,261 yards, and eight touchdowns. He was also arrested for DUI in June and missed the Panthers’ season opener against Youngstown State. Boyd impressed again, even though the Panthers didn’t advance in the ACC.

He played college football for the University of Pittsburgh

A gifted athlete, Tyler Boyd chose to play college football at the University of Pittsburgh despite the fact that his father was a violent drug addict. His mother divorced him when he was young so his stepdad raised him. He taught him football and convinced him that football was the right choice. Boyd is happy that he made the right choice, despite his difficult relationship with his father.

Both Boyd, and Donald are Pennsylvania natives. Boyd is from Clairton, while Donald hails from Pittsburgh proper. Their Pittsburgh accents are apparent. Donald actually swung around Christian, the quarterback, during a preseason game against Mt. Lebanon. While the two quarterbacks don’t have the same playing style, they do share the same competitive nature. Both of them are fiercely loyal to their coaches and teammates.

Tyler Boyd played for the Bengals but had a rocky college football career. As a sophomore, he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and was selected in the NFL draft. However, his chemistry with Taylen is at an all-time high. Although he wasn’t in favor of Taylen purchasing a cell phone he is happy that he can call him at any time.

He signed a four-year, $43 million contract extension with the Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals have extended wide receiver Tyler Boyd’s contract for another four years, extending it to a total of $43 million. The contract includes a $7 million signing bonus, an average annual salary at $10,750,000, $200,000 workout bonus, and a cap hit at $10,100,000. Boyd had reached the end of his four-year, $4.237million contract and was considering a multi-year extension.

The Bengals re-signed the wide receiver Tyler Boyd to a four-year, $43 million deal, extending his deal through the 2023 season. Boyd was originally a second-round selection from the University of Pittsburgh. He had a breakout year in 2018, leading the team to 76 receptions, and 1,028 receiving yard. He also tied for the team lead with John Ross with seven touchdown receptions. With the new deal, the Bengals are committing to their top wide receiver prospect for a long time.

The new Cincinnati Bengals head coach, Zac Taylor, has made it clear that he wants to stay in Cincinnati for the long haul. The Bengals have a lot of confidence in the wide receiver position. The Bengals will continue to have a strong wide receiver position with Tyler Boyd. The new head coach and his staff should be delighted to have Tyler Boyd join the team.

He will earn an $8,250,000 base salary

The Cincinnati Bengals signed wide receiver Tyler Boyd, who was the second overall pick in 2016 NFL Draft. His four-year contract is $43 million. It includes a signing bonus of $7 million, a guaranteed $17,280,769 base salary, roster and workout bonuses of $250,000, and a $10,100,000 cap hit. Boyd is expected be a productive player for Cincinnati in the years ahead.

The Bengals made a big move to upgrade their wide receiver corps, and their new addition should be able to bring out the best in the veteran wideout. While the Bengals signed a rookie wideout, Higgins is now a second-year player and will likely share some of Boyd’s targets, which could hurt his numbers. Boyd should be fine if he can help the team win. Boyd will be on the Bengals’ roster next year if they win the Super Bowl.

The Bengals also extended Boyd’s contract after he played a breakout season. He reached 100 receiving yards in three consecutive games, including one against the Atlanta Falcons. By the end of the season, he became the first Bengals wideout without A.J. Green to reach 1,000 yards in a season since 2009. Sadly, his breakout season ended when he sustained a low-grade MCL sprain during a game against the Oakland Raiders.

He’ll get $250,000 in roster bonus

The Pittsburgh Panthers signed wide receiver Tyler Boyd, worth $43 million, to a four-year contract. There was a $9.8 million guarantee at the time of signing. The bonus check will be split between Boyd and the Bengals, depending on his cap number. He is currently ranked fifth on the Panthers’ roster. He holds the record for receiving yards with the Panthers. He was a Panthers’ player for three seasons.

Under the terms of the contract, Boyd will get a roster bonus of $250,000, which could be a steal for the Bengals. The veteran wide receiver is entering his final year of the deal and will be expected to play under a pass-friendly offense. His prognosticators graded him as a top-five slot receiver. He was able to catch 20 of his 36 targets from money downs. He also had 14 first downs as well as two touchdowns.

Boyd has excelled in the slot of the NFL over the past two seasons. He now has two seasons of 15-yard-plus receptions and the most slot receiving yards in the league. Boyd tied Larry Fitzgerald for the most games with 100 receptions. After A.J. After A.J. He ended the season with six 100-yard receiving games and ranked second in the ACC and 32nd nationally with an average of six receptions per game.

He’ll get $200,000 in workout bonus

Under his Bengals contract, Tyler Boyd will get $200,000 in workout bonus. He was a second-round pick in last year’s NFL Draft. Last season, he had a 1,008-yard season on 35 catches and 14 first downs. The Bengals needed a wide receiver and are willing to pay a high price to acquire a proven commodity.

James Conner, a free-agent wide receiver, has been signed by the Cardinals to a one year deal. Boyd thrives as a primary slot receiver, beating experts 70% of the time. This is not surprising considering Boyd was a seventh round pick in 2009 and spent his entire professional career with the New England Patriots. And the last-minute adjustment on his 18-yard touchdown fumble made the Bengals pay up, too.

Tyler Boyd will receive $250,000 in additional roster bonuses. He’ll also receive $200,000 in workout bonuses if he’s active during his first year with the Bengals. While the Bengals have spent more than $9 million on receivers this offseason they only spent $5 million on Tyler Boyd. With a contract worth $43 million, he’s a great value.

The Cincinnati Bengals Extend Wide Receiver Tyler Boyd’s Contract
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