The Classic Funny Car Board

If you are a fan of classic funny cars, you might be interested in the Classic Funny Car Board. This online forum is part of the Classic Car Board network. It covers a variety topics related to vintage cars. Many of the threads are a bit controversial, but the community’s passion for these vehicles is apparent. If you are a true vintage racing fan, the site has a lot of information and pictures.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in nostalgia, check out the Nostalgia Funny Car. This modified Ford Mustang is a replica of the 1970s model. It is powered by an injectable 426 Hemi. It’s driven by Jamie Russell, who recently finished the restoration of his 1969 Nova. Chris Mirabella’s Action Man Challenger has almost been completed. The Frantic Ford Mustang II, a racer in the ’60s style, is the Grand Marshal.

The Nostalgia Funny Car is a reproduction of Jungle Jim’s original Vega. Clare Sanders restored a ’69 Nova. Dave DeAngelis, Chris Mirabella are close to completing the Brutus Mustang. Kenney Goodell Action Man Challenger is another restoration that has been completed recently. And, of course, the Frantic Ford Mustang II is still a work in progress.

The Nostalgia Funny Car, an American muscle car, combines retro and modern design. Jamie Russell drives it and it runs on an injectable 426 Hemi. Bob Daly and the Warhorse Mustang II performed a Chi Town Hustler-style burnout and won the injected class. And the Pol-Cal Corvette was driven by Chris Schneider. This was an incredible burnout!

The Nostalgia Funny Car is a popular vehicle that can be seen at many shows around the country. This is a unique way to celebrate this car. It is a tribute not only to the people who built it but also a celebration for the past. Poncho Rendon created it. It is also one of the most impressive examples of a dragster.

The Drag Race was a huge success with the Nostalgia Funny Car and the Vega. Both the Vega and the Nostalgiat Funny Cars were the most popular, with more than 500 entries. The Vega was the first car to win a championship. The Thunderstruck Mustang won JJ Showmanship Award, and was named Grand Marshall. The Tiki Warrior Monza, and Total Insanity Monza were among the winners.

The Nostalgia Funny Car, Jungle Jim’s Vega and other notable entries are also from the past. The Nostalgia Mustang was also the only dragster that could do a full-blown burnout. The Vega is a dragster, while the Nostalgia Mustang is a muscle car. The Nostalgia Mustang is a great example for a funny car. Visit the Nostalgia Board to learn more.

Some of the most beloved vehicles are found parked on dirt roads, powered by a turbo diesel V8. Other cars include the Iron Outlaw Mustang II and Jamie Russell’s Vega, as well as the Nostalgia Funny Car from Chris Schneider. These are just a few of the many examples of popular cars on the board. It’s important to have a good reason for a pol-cal Corvette.

There are many websites that discuss muscle cars and classic cars. The Classic Funny Car Board is a good place to start. It is a great way of getting a history of the category. This board is a great way to learn about different types and makes of cars. The Nostalgia FunnyCar is a well-known name. The Nostalgia board includes the most popular cars of the past. It also includes links to other boards, discussion forums, and other boards.

You can start with the Pontiac and Olds 9-inchers. The classic funny car board is most popular with the 9-inchers. However, if you have an old car, you can use an 8 3/4-incher instead. The handling will be vastly improved. The Olds 9-inchers are more stable and smooth. The Danas are more efficient and durable, but they were not necessary.

The Classic Funny Car Board
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