The Cleveland Cavaliers Offseason

The Cleveland Cavaliers had an excellent offseason, selecting a potential star with No. 1 pick, adding a renowned coach, and bringing back their all-time leading scorer. After a controversial exit, LeBron James was back with the Cavs. With this offseason’s draft class, the Cavs improved their defense while bolstering their offense. The Cavs improved to 22-25 after a poor start.

After a disappointing 2002-03 season, the Cavaliers were selected number one in the NBA Draft. The Cavs also received the number one lottery pick that year. The team was even better under David Griffin, their new coach. Tristan Thompson, a forward and guard, was the new leader of the team. Both guards were the team’s first picks. The team also added swingman C.J. Miles to its roster.

Several newcomers joined the Cavaliers’ front office this offseason. The Cavs signed free agents Earl Clark and Jarrett Jack. Veteran guard and forward C.J. Miles was also signed to a multi-year deal. The team traded away two-time NBA Champion Andrew Bynum for Luol Deng. Damon Jones, a free agent forward, was also signed by the team. Jones signed a four-year contract worth $16 million. Dan Gilbert, the new owner of the Cavs, was also hired by them. The Cavs are excited about LeBron James’ potential with these newcomers to their front office.

The Cavaliers won the next three rounds after losing two games to Pistons in round 1. The win at the Palace of Auburn Hills ended the Pistons’ only three-game losing streak. After a close Game 6, the Cavaliers lost Game 7. They tied the record for scoring the fewest points in a Game 7 second half.

LeBron James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a Sports Illustrated article on July 11, 2014. The Cavaliers signed LeBron James and James Jones, former Miami Heat teammates. They also signed swingman Andre Miller. They have a new-look guard in the backcourt as they search for a replacement for LeBron. It’s no wonder LeBron James has decided to return to the Cavaliers.

The uniforms of the Cavaliers were a change from the previous ones. The home uniforms had navy blue and gold lettering and the backsides had black and gold checkerboard trim. The team logo featured a gold sword with a wine basketball on the front. The uniforms were also changed by the Cavs between 1993-95 and 2010-2011. So now the Cavs are ready to take the NBA by storm in 2014!

The future is bright for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They are expected to finish third this season in the Eastern Conference, with the possibility of challenging the top seed. But this season, they’ll have a more cohesive lineup under David Blatt. And their star players will be backed by a young, hungry coach. You can also look for the team to make it to the playoffs by betting on them. Don’t miss out on this chance to make smart investments.

The Cleveland Cavaliers Offseason
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