The Colts QB Situation Is Wide Open

The Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback situation is open with Matt Ryan expected to be out. While Wentz was in the MVP conversation before his injury, he has struggled to play at an elite level. The Colts will need someone to step in and take over the reigns, so they might consider signing Eason to a high-paying job. The Colts could extend Trubisky’s contract for an additional year if he is the right person.

A trade to get Watson, though, would carry a massive risk and public relations nightmare. Watson is unlikely to play for the Texans again and is therefore not worth that much. The Texans want multiple first or second-round draft picks in exchange for Watson, which would cost Indianapolis multiple first-rounders and a second-rounder. However, the Colts don’t have the luxury of a first-round pick, so trading for Watson could be a better option for the team.

The Colts are in the market for a new starting quarterback after Carson Wentz retires. While there are some capable AFC quarterbacks, such as Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes, it is hard to find a worthy upgrade to Wentz. But with the Colts’ roster of talented players, finding a quarterback in free agency is the best way to move on from Wentz. Wentz could trade for Jimmy Garoppolo and Kirk Cousins.

With Ryan’s contract extension, the Indianapolis Colts will most likely keep Ryan for at least the next two seasons. The team restructured its contract to ensure a two-year tenure for Ryan. Ryan’s extension gives them some runway but it also relieves them of the pressure of selecting a quarterback in this year’s draft. It also gives the team time to evaluate a better quarterback class next year.

The Indianapolis Colts are a team that is in transition. Despite recent struggles, they finished 11-5 and reached the Wild Card playoffs. The Colts’ winning record was their best since 2000. With a new starter in the offense, they can rebuild their playoff chances. The question is: which quarterback will they choose to take the next step in the rebuilding process?

With the Colts projected to have $37M in cap room this year, they can move on to the next quarterback. Despite Wentz’s poor performance, the team could trade for him to get draft capital. By releasing Wentz on March 18, they could save $13 million. In addition, they would free up $28M in cap space, which could be used to sign another quarterback. So, how should the Colts decide between Wentz?

The Indianapolis Colts made a successful trade last month for Carson Wentz, their starting quarterback. The Washington Commanders received a package of picks, including two third-round picks. The Colts could use those picks to sign a quarterback in the coming years. The 2022 third-round selection could be made a second-rounder if Wentz plays at least 70 percent of the time. If the deal does not work, the Indianapolis Colts could use those picks to add a new quarterback.

The Colts QB Situation Is Wide Open
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