The Dak Prescott Run

The infamous “Dak Prescott run” by the Dallas Cowboys was a highlight of the game. The San Francisco 49ers took down the rookie quarterback after he ran for 17 yards on a first down play. Prescott had just enough time to spike the ball, but he accidentally collided with the umpire during the attempt. The clock was running out and the 49ers won 23-17.

The controversial play ended and the Dallas Cowboys had a chance to win the game. Dak Prescott ran a quarterback draw to the Dallas 24-yard line and handed the ball to the center, but the offensive line rushed to spike the ball as the referee was resetting the ball. The official’s elbow caught Prescott and the offensive line, causing a delay that halted the play.

The umpire failed to spot the ball in time, and the Cowboys lost the game. However, the play is still being questioned. It appears that the umpire may have missed a crucial point. The play was called wrong and the play may have swung the game. The play ended with a punt. The Dallas Cowboys failed again to snap the ball and the play was rescheduled.

Despite a gruesome ankle injury, Dak Prescott’s performance was still impressive. After six weeks, he was a potential MVP candidate and finished the season third among NFL quarterbacks with a 104.2 passer rating. He also tied for fourth with 37 touchdowns and finished ninth overall with a 54.8 QBR. He was however criticised by Michael Irvin, the legendary Dallas Cowboys player, who called the play “the most horrible ever”.

Although the play was not perfect, Dallas didn’t publicly question it. They certainly deserved to win. Prescott gained 17 yards, but was unable to get the snap off in time for another play. It was one of the few times Prescott’s decision-making allowed Dallas to move the ball into their own end zone. It was an unfortunate and rare play. The Cowboys made a significant step forward with the play.

While the Cowboys may be paying Dak Prescott to run the ball, they’ll probably make him play more conservatively. The quarterback was originally drafted in the fourth round by the 2016 NFL Draft. The Cowboys were able to reach the playoffs with the top seed in the conference because of the quarterback’s performance. He was also named NFL Offensive Rookie-of-the-Year and was invited to the Pro Bowl.

Prescott’s comments have caused quite a stir. The Cowboys offensive coordinator is under fire after the team’s embarrassing 23-17 loss to the 49ers in the NFC Wild Card Playoffs. The Cowboys had a playoff record of 14 penalties, and failed to win another play off. Prescott however executed his own planned run with only 14 seconds left. The team was forced to settle for a third down touchdown because Dallas didn’t qualify for another play off.

The Dak Prescott Run
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