The Dallas Cowboys 1988 Schedule

the dallas cowboys 1988 schedule 27333

The Dallas Cowboys had one of their toughest schedules in years, and 1988 was no exception. The Boys finished their 1987 season tied for second in the NFC East. This tie was created by tiebreaking rules. The 1988 Dallas schedule features many games against strong 1987 teams. The schedule was tough, but the Dallas Cowboys had a highly skilled replacement team in the Washington Redskins.

The 1988 Dallas Cowboys were disappointing. They finished three games below.500 and five games below a playoff spot. Despite the difficult schedule, the team could easily have won as many 4.8 games as five or six. The 1988 Dallas Cowboys’ record was a disaster, despite being a contender in the NFC. In addition to the poor season, the Cowboys failed to win a playoff game, finishing fifth in the National Football Conference’s East Division.

The Dallas Cowboys 1988 Schedule
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