The Dallas Cowboys in 1985

The 1985 NFL season saw a huge impact on the Dallas Cowboys. Their defense was strong, registering 62 sacks and 33 interceptions, led by Everson Walls. The Cowboys also had a good pass defense, ranking 27th in the league. The Cowboys’ defense allowed the Rams to make big plays through the air, which led to a tying touchdown by running back Eric Dickerson.

Despite the loss in the season’s opener to the Chicago Bears, the Cowboys responded with a 34-17 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, led by Dak Prescott’s three touchdown passes. After the win, Dallas had tied the Giants for first place in the NFC East. The Washington Redskins were just one game behind Dallas, clinching the final wild-card spot. Despite their strong play, the Cowboys needed to win to remain in the playoff hunt.

The 1985 Dallas Cowboys finished their season with a record of 5-5. After beating the Steelers twice and reaching the playoffs twice, the team was one of the best teams in the NFL. The team didn’t reach the same heights as they did in previous seasons. With the new head coach, Landry tried to add a new element to the team, but the results weren’t there. Landry coached the team three more times in the next season, but the team never made it to the playoffs.

The offensive line was strong as well. Tony Dorsett was the team’s leader in rushing with 1,307 yard in 1985. Doug Cosbie also added another Pro Bowl to that record. The Cowboys’ quarterbacks were unable to throw the ball well and often made mistakes. The only reliable ball carrier was Tony Dorsett, who rushed for 1,307 yards and went over 10,000 career yards. Despite the poor passing game, the offense still ranked high.

Despite not having Sunday Night Football, the Cowboys defeated the Giants at the old Texas Stadium. This was in 1985. The Giants were on their way to the playoffs, and the Cowboys had just come off a championship. Bill Parcells, the third-year coach of the Giants, had them in NFC East. Despite the aforementioned struggles, the Cowboys finished ten-six and took the NFC East title.

The Dallas Cowboys’ defense dominated the 1985 NFL season, with ever-impressive statistics. Everson Walls was the league’s leader in interceptions for the third consecutive year. The team had an overall defense ranking of 23, which helped the team reach the playoffs. However, their secondary allowed a number of big air plays throughout the season. Tony Dorsett was the only reliable running back in the playoffs.

In 1985, the Dallas Cowboys made the playoffs. The team lost in Divisional Round to Los Angeles Rams but finished the regular season with an overall point differential of +24. With a record of 10-7 and a nine-score record, the Dallas Cowboys could have reached the playoffs with an 8.7-win season. The team posted a record of four-two in one-score games, and was 1-0 in games decided on field goals.

The Dallas Cowboys in 1985
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