The Disappointed Dog Meme

the disappointed dog meme 40809

Sometimes a dog that is sad can be funny if it is shown as dismayed. This is because many dogs have a fear of fire, which is a perfectly natural response to the presence of a candle or food on fire. In this dog meme, the pet looks disappointed as it tries to put out the fire, but is unable to do so. While this dog is an iconic image of disappointment in life, this dog meme will always have a place in our hearts.

Dogs are one of the most adorable creatures on earth. Dogs are always ready to greet you with a happy dance and wagging tail whenever you arrive home. However, they can also be punished by a firm “No!” When they do something unruly. Dogs are so endearingly cute that even the most depressed dog face will make you feel guilty for naughtiness. You can find a happy meme for your dog online to help you deal with this type of sadness.

The Disappointed Dog Meme
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