The Dog Giving Side Eye Meme

The dog giving side eye meme originated as an innocent way to tease a friend. Although some believe it was originally meant to be a way of showing affection, others believe it has become a sign disapproval or anger. Regardless of its origin, it is one of the most popular memes on the internet. The following paragraphs will show you more side-eye dogs. Scroll down to enjoy the meme!

The popular meme of the dog giving side-eye to a dog is an image macro series that shows a photo of a dog giving a “side-eye” and the phrase “What’s up, Doc?” It has been on various internet forums for years, but its popularity grew in 2017 when other, unrelated memes were created based on the original image. You can search for sites that allow you to upload your own templates, or start from scratch if you are looking for these memes.

Another popular type of dog giving side eye is the whale eye, which has no explanation. If your dog seems afraid of something, they will appear rigid and tense. In this case, the dog is expressing its fear and aggression by giving a side eye. You can prevent this by removing the source of the threat. A dog behaviorist can help you determine the cause of your dog’s “side eye”.

The dog giving side eye is a universal body language trait and can be seen in any breed. It’s common in boxers and most dogs give side eye when they’re hungry or feeling threatened. This expression can also be seen if you play with your dog or give them a treat. It doesn’t matter the reason, it’s a hilarious and adorable dog behavior. This is a great opportunity to teach your dog something new – and to have fun.

The Dog Giving Side Eye Meme
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