The Drake Helps Lil Yachty Meme

the drake helps lil yachty meme 36877

The “Drake Helps Lil Yachty” meme was first circulating on Youtube on January 10, 2020, following the release of a video of Drake helping the singer in a Gadget Store. The music video for “Life Is Good” features the Canadian rapper Drake. It is a funny video in which Drake gives Lil Yachty information. The song has since gone on to be one of the most popular songs of all time, topping the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and receiving more than 2 billion views on Youtube.

The viral phenomenon of the track ‘WATTBA’ has helped several artists, including Drake. In recent years, the rappers Future and Migos have also benefited from the meme-making trend. The most notable example is Migos’ ‘Bad and Boujee’, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Memes had exploded in popularity, and the rap duo had become a household name.

The Drake Helps Lil Yachty Meme
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