The Error Package.json Contains Illegal Characters

The error indicates that the name of the package contains illegal characters. It’s important that the name is short and descriptive. It must not contain a dot or an underscore, or any other non-URL safe characters. The name must not contain spaces, apostrophes, or any other non-URL safe characters, such as % or _. Moreover, the name cannot contain any other legal character except those listed in the character table.

In the name, there are several illegal characters, including a space, a comma, or a colon. This is because the column contains data that isn’t allowed in a calendar. The UAJM documentation lists the legal characters and provides examples for each. This article discusses some of the common examples and how to fix the problem. Hopefully, this article will be useful in your work.

Creating the package should be a straightforward process, but there are some important steps to be taken in order to avoid this problem. Firstly, you should read the documentation provided by the project. The UAJM does not define which characters are legal for calendar names. In addition, you should make sure that the package you create contains the correct legal characters. If you want to write your own custom calendar, you can use the ‘json’ option.

If you create a calendar that contains invalid data, you should first check that the calendar has no special characters. You should also check that all the columns contain valid data. If the column name contains illegal characters, it will cause the conversion to fail. The name of the calendar should be correct. For example, a column with all values missing is not allowed by the component, and the conversion will fail. In such cases, you should use a different name for the calendar.

A container that has illegal characters can also cause this error. If the container is not the right format, you should check the URI of the package. If the name contains invalid characters, then you should try changing the name. You should also change the format if it is incompatible with the current data type. If the name of the calendar is not in the correct format, then you will get the same error in all cases.

The name of the component contains illegal characters. It should not contain any illegal character. Invalid characters in the name should not cause an error. If the code has these characters, it should be modified. If it does not, it should be renamed. For example, it should be renamed with the same readable character. The problem may be caused by the name of the file. If the error is due to an invalid data source, the source file may be invalid.

The error package.json file has illegal characters. This is a common problem because the name contains characters that are not legal in calendars. It is important to understand which characters are valid in the name. It can also be caused by incorrect date formats. For example, you should avoid using a date that contains a specific currency symbol. It may be impossible to convert this data to a different currency because it has too many special characters.

An error message may occur if the name of the package contains an invalid character. If the name of the file has invalid characters, it will be converted to a valid format. You can also fix this by following the instructions in the package. During your conversion, the error message will be displayed in the output directory. If the data source is not a valid one, it is not allowed to convert to another format.

If the name of your package contains invalid data, you will get an error message. This could be a category or floating-point number, or a single character. Sometimes, the name may contain an illegal character. However, if it has an invalid name, it will not be converted at all. If it contains an apostrophe, it will be ignored. A period in the name is a common occurrence in a code.

The Error Package.json Contains Illegal Characters
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