The Followers of the Apocalypse in New Vegas

The Followers of the Apocalypse make the perfect Halloween costume. These vigilantes are known for helping the less fortunate and welcoming all to their ranks. They are pacifists, but they will not hesitate to take up arms if necessary. They are often accompanied by hired guards to protect themselves from intruders.

The Followers of the Apocalypse are a decentralized organization without a centralized hierarchy. Individual members in the field coordinate their efforts through regional hubs. They don’t care about controlling territory, but rather the well-being of the people.

The Followers can be found throughout the city. There are three types of Followers: paid, free and ad-hoc. You can choose to participate in these quests in exchange for a discount on magazines, money, and other items. You can also support local medical facilities and donate medical supplies if you are a follower. Medical supplies can include Med-X, RadAway, and Fixer. By donating medical supplies to the charity, you’ll be able to get discount on services and skill magazines.

The mission of the Followers is to pass the torch of knowledge on to the wastes. They promote free and open flow of knowledge, technology, supplies, and medical care. They pay special attention to those less fortunate. They give free medical treatment, agricultural instruction, and scientific expertise to those in need. They are genuinely trying to help in every way possible. Their principles closely resemble the principles of secular-humanism. They oppose violence in any form and are against subversion of peace, cooperation and pacifism.

The followers of the apocalypse were a powerful group in New California. They served as researchers, educators, and technical advisors for the government of the New California Republic. They remained independent from the NCR despite their power.

The game also includes minor factions that are not necessarily competing for control over Mojave. Some of these groups may even assist Courier in the final battle for Hoover Dam. As the leader of a group, you can also become enmeshed with one or more minor factions.

Their greatest asset is the facilities offered by the Followers. Many of the followers offer free education and medical support, and welcome the people of the wasteland. Their teachings may have unintended consequences. For instance, the Followers’ teachings led them to produce recreational drugs. These drugs were then sold on to Fiends, creating problems in the Republic.

The Followers of the Apocalypse in New Vegas
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