The Helpful Fox Senko-San – A Review

The Helpful Fox Senko’san is a cute and calm anime. The basic premise of the series is a relaxing slice of life story with a supernatural element, but it’s one that leans toward being comforting and enjoyable. Unlike most anime, this one doesn’t feature conflict, but its colorful characters and lovable characters make it a must-see for fans of the genre.

Kuroto Nakano, a salaryman, is a normal man living a stressful lifestyle. He has little time for his family and no time for himself. But his life changes when a mysterious little girl, named Senko-san, appears at his doorstep and begins to help him. The girl has been a spirit fox since ancient times and has a job of helping Nakano deal with some of his deep-seated problems.

The 2019 anime, The Helpful Fox-san, is based on the manga. The anime’s plot centers on a depressed businessman who receives the help of Senko, a demigod Fox. Senko acts as Kuroto’s housewife, mother, and guardian, and the two develop a deep and unusual relationship.

Both anime focus on the relationship between two nonhuman characters. In Senko-san, the fox helps the MC deal with his dual existence, which leads to him finding a sense of peace and happiness. Senko-san, like the previous anime, shares the same themes of family and friendship. It also stresses the importance of managing two lifestyles. Similarly, the two series also feature a supernatural house guest with a child-like appearance. The relationship between Kobayashi and Tohru is great, and the chemistry between the two characters is quite wonderful.

If you enjoy wacky premise and ridiculous situations, this anime is for you. Konosuba uses a lot of fan service, and its action sequences will leave you awestruck. Both series have an appealing cast and are great for killing boredom. If you enjoy fantasy and cute animals, you will enjoy this anime series. Five female characters are also featured in the anime. It’s a fun anime that’s sure to make you laugh!

Spice and Wolf is another fun anime that revolves around the relationship between a human and a demi-human. Senko-san’s female protagonist, Hina is just as adorable as Senko, and the series has the exact same feel-good vibe. Anime like this one is like a prescription for stress relief. It’s easy to relax and laugh while watching it. So, if you’re looking for an anime to watch, consider checking out one of these delightful shows.

The relationship between Senko and Kuroto is more family-related than romantic. But Kuroto’s obsession over Senko’s fluffy tail may be questionable. Kuroto actually uses Senko’s tail to relieve stress. There are some awkward moments between Kuroto’s fluffy tail and Senko. This episode is sure to be heartwarming!

The Helpful Fox Senko-San – A Review
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