The Helpful Fox Senko-San Manga

If you like comedy and feisty characters, you’ll love the comics in The Helpful Fox Senko-san manga. The manga follows Nakano, a young girl who works for an exploitative “black” business, and her helpful fox spirit Senko-san. Senko, a fox spirit that is 800 years old but is actually a young girl and offers to spoil his employee, is Senko. Once he accepts his offer, Nakano is smitten and the two bond.

The Helpful Fox manga was first broadcasted in October 2017 on the Japanese manga magazine Comic Newtype. The manga has 8 volumes and 63 chapters, with the anime presenting twenty-three of those chapters. The manga is still being written and there is enough material to make a second and third seasons. It has a loyal fan base. What is the best thing about this anime? It’s character development and the story itself.

Senko-san comes to life during the manga’s second season. In the first part of the series, Senko meets Kuroto when she is visiting her apartment. Shiro, a second Fox Demi-God, bets with Kuroto to touch Kuroto’s tail. But Senko is jealous, and starts to cook dinner for Kuroto. As the manga progresses, more fox girls will help Kuroto in his daily life.

Shiro and Senko’s relationship develops as the two men start dating. Shiro and Senko get close, and they eventually marry. Senko attempts to take his teleponnya as revenge. Shiro, however, is not so lucky and is forced to leave for work. The story is also quite funny, as Kuroto meets Senko.

The comic is based upon an anime that debuted back in 2008. Rimukoro is the author of the series and the manga has been serialized on Web Comic Newtype since 2004. There are nine volumes total. It is an adaptation of the anime Doga Kobo. Many of the manga’s pages feature an anime adaptation of Doga Kobo’s popular series. Although Senko-san’s adventures are a little bit unrealistic, it’s a very enjoyable and addictive series.

Senko and Nakano enjoy many of the same activities as a married couple. However, they don’t share physical affection. Senko may have the body of a child but Kuroto doesn’t like it. Senko’s tail fluffing resembles intimacy, but it doesn’t seem that close. Despite this, they are very close.

As the manga progresses Kuroto’s attempts at pampering Shiro go on. In a flashback, Senko notices Kuroto’s bento box and offers to take her home. Shiro complains about how Senko hasn’t helped her in a whole year. But Senko assures Shiro that she will soon have Kuro all to her own.

The Helpful Fox Senko-San Manga
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