The Helping Friendly Book

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It is possible that the Helping Friendly Book was written in the early 1980s. If so, why did it need to be so popular? This book was a utopian roadmap and the last vestige of paradise lost. Written by Icculus, it was widely used for brainwashing and control of mankind. But it is possible that the Helping Friendly Book had been lost for a very long time before it was finally found. That’s the crux of the mystery.

The Helping Friendly Book was written only by one author. Each section took a different approach. Love is the common theme throughout the book. Wilson’s account of this story is both informative and moving, and he encourages readers to participate in the story. While this story is a tale of friendly relations, it also asks readers to consider their own actions. Whether they choose to help the people they meet or not is left up to the reader.

The Helping Friendly Book
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