The ILGA’s Low Net Champion Will Be Named at the Sacramento County Net Championship

Men’s and Senior low net champions will be named at the Sacramento County Net Championship. The ILGA Division III low net champion will be chosen. Whoever is the best in the country will also receive a special ILGA trophy. Read on to learn more about the net champions and what makes them stand out. You might be surprised at the amount of work that goes into becoming one. You might be surprised at how much effort it takes to win one.

Men’s net champion

Brian Carrroll, the defending Men’s Net Championship champion, won the title with rounds of 68. He was the first player from Florida who won the tournament twice in 2014 and 2015. He also won the 50-59 Division in 2014. He finished one stroke ahead of runner-up Gregg Sargent, who shot a four-under par 67 in round one. The defending champ was not a smooth ride. Sargent was 13th after falling behind in round two with a score of nine-over-par ninety one. His performance in the final round was a testament to the quality of the tournament, as he was the only player to record two-under rounds.

The Men’s Net Championship is a team event for amateur male golfers. The tournament is open to amateur golfers with handicaps between 2.0 and 25.0. Those who have more than 25 will compete with a handicap of 25. The tournament committee will use the NCGA handicap indexes of August 15, 2018 when calculating handicaps. The tournament committee will use whichever is lower. The tournament ends with a sudden-death playoff to determine the winners.

Senior low net champion

As the tournament’s guest-of-honor, Laura Lee Pixton, three times president of SCCWGA was honored. Wong, Kiernan and Iversen all had matching scores. The Championship Flight consisted of Jane Lee and Terry Levis. The First Flight was made up of Maureen Earley and Denise Kam. Terrie Field and Donna Goni made up the Second Flight. The Third Flight featured Luna Kim, Dora Moutaftian and Becky Del Prado. The Seventh Flight featured Loren Cook.

Carolyn was a champion in women’s golf. She loved competition as much her social game. She was a regular at the MWGA Two Lady Scramble and was the Senior Low Net Champion at the 2014 Senior Championship at Sedalia Country Club. In addition, Carolyn was a long-time Captain of the CCC and Old Hawthorne charity cups, raising funds for local charities in Columbia.

The entry fee for this event is $4. The entry fee covers expenses and includes a trophy. Entry is by invitation only. The entry fee is 4% of the total prize money. A panel of judges awards the title to the winner. The event has a $1000 prize purse. For more information, visit the website of the Associated Senior Sports Federation. You can find more information and register online at

Male players must have participated in at least five senior series events to be eligible for the championship. Then, they must be a low net or gross player. In addition, they must be 50 years old or older, or 65 and over. This is a great way to make a name for yourself on the ACC Tour. You’ll soon be playing with the best players in the world once you have this honor.

Division III net champion

Adrian College is the defending Division III net champion after winning the championship in 2006. This year’s team achieved the highest winning percentage in Division III history. The winning percentage broke the old record of.958 set in 1986 by UMass-Dartmouth. The defending champions are coming off an impressive 31-game winning streak. Their players are ready for another title run. The defending champions want to be crowned again.

Champion of the low net in ILGA

The ILGA’s Low Net Championship is an annual two-week tournament that recognizes the overall and cumulative net scores of golfers in all skill levels. The championship is a permanent trophy awarded to the winner. Sue Pederson was the champion this year with a score total of 133 during the two-day tournament. Sue was ranked fourth overall and first in the first round. She will represent the United States at the World Amateur Golf Championships in September.

The ILGA’s Low Net Champion Will Be Named at the Sacramento County Net Championship
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