The Laney College Help Desk

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The computer labs at Laney College offer students the opportunity to take advantage of high-powered software. Splashtop was the best solution for students who wanted to use these computers. This software allows students to access the lab’s computers from their home and works with Chromebooks. Splashtop has been a huge success for the college. Other departments at Laney College include digital data controls, architecture, construction management, and machine and wood technology.

Computers are essential for the successful completion college coursework. Many students use Adobe creative tools and popular architecture programs, which require a high-powered desktop computer. Laney College has computer labs on campus. However, after the devastating COVID-19 disaster, students were unable to access them. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: the Help Desk. Students can call, chat, or email a knowledgeable staff member for assistance.

The Laney College Help Desk
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