The Lions Den Marshall in Marshall, Illinois

the lions den marshall in marshall illinois 49131

The Lions Den Marshall is a new pizzeria set to open on June 5, 2021. The business, located at 402 Archer Ave in Marshall, Illinois, has been a favorite local pizzeria for almost two decades. In March 2021, Anne and Cory Sheehy purchased the business from the Higgins family. They will also host a grand closing celebration with live music from Nashville, Za Edington, and Friends and games for families and kids.

The Lion’s Den is a great spot to get pizza. It also offers free delivery. The staff is friendly and the food is reasonably priced. In addition, the environment is quiet and relaxing. Its food and service have received a 4.5 rating on Google, and most people find the price of food to be reasonable. The Lion’s Den offers delicious Italian cuisine but does not offer alcohol.

The Lions Den Marshall in Marshall, Illinois
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