The Long Hair Akita

While many websites refer to long-haired Akitas, this is not true. This trait is recessive, which means that it can skip a generation if neither parent carries it. Unlike other coat types, the long-haired Akita does not weave itself into your sofa. But this long-haired phenotype does have some advantages, including the ability to shed less.

A long-haired Akita can be a great family pet. Although the breed is often regarded as shy and reserved, they are very friendly and can make wonderful pets for children. Akita puppies should be socialized early as they can become suspicious of new people and overprotective if they are not socialized properly. In a good environment, long-haired Akitas can be playful and well-behaved pets.

Long-haired Akitas are easily distinguished from their shorter-haired counterparts. Some people prefer long-haired Akitas because they are calmer and more balanced. Long-haired Akitas have many of the same personality traits as standard-haired Akitas. They are protective and want to please their owners.

Akitas with long hair are just as beautiful and beautiful as their shorter-haired counterparts. The length of long-haired Akitas is caused by a recessive gene. While long-haired Akitas are not considered “standard” coats by the AKC, they still have their own appeal and are considered a unique breed. They require a little more grooming than the standard-haired Akitas. Large slicker brushes or large-toothed pin brushes are recommended for long-haired Akitas as they tend to be more matted.

Long-haired Akitas, like all breeds of dogs, can shed excessively. It’s a good idea, therefore, to have a vacuum cleaner ready for the shedding season. While grooming your dog daily, be sure to trim your dog’s coat so that it won’t get matted. You can even make yarn from the undercoat and give it to a knitter! Long-haired Akitas also tend to be more loyal and make excellent guard dogs.

The Japanese have traditionally kept long-haired Akitas for hunting, and their short-haired cousins are kept by samurai warriors as part of their war gear. Because of its loving nature, athletic ability, and beautiful appearance, this loyal breed is most loved by dog owners. While the Japanese Akita is the most popular of the two, the American Akita is a little more expensive than its Japanese cousins.

Compared to short-haired Akitas, long-haired Akitas are rare. Unlike the short-haired Akita, long-haired Akitas are less popular with breeders, so you may find one that you’d like to own. Although they are similar to their short-haired cousins, long-haired Akita puppies can be as expensive as $1500.

The Akita is a large dog breed that was originally used to protect the royalty of feudal Japan. The dog tracked deer, wild boar, and black bear. Its bravery and willingness to face any challenge makes it a wonderful pet for a family. The Akita is playful and affectionate once it has been socialized and trained. It is smart and loyal, so it requires constant attention.

The Long Hair Akita
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