The Man in the Net (Movie Review)

Patrick Quentin’s novel “The Man in the Net”, is called. It was published in New York in 1956. It is a dark tale about a young artist who falls for Linda’s lover and his attempts to get back at him. But while the story isn’t particularly terrible, it’s not the kind of movie that should be rated R. Instead, it is a thoroughly forgettable and boring production.

It’s also difficult to ignore the fact that Alan Ladd and Michael Curtiz are nearing the end of their acting careers. The Man in the Net has a valedictory vibe because both actors appear tired and puffy. Their sprints through the woods seem slow and clunky. Curtiz does a better work behind the camera. The mono soundtrack is decent, and the film’s theatrical trailer is included as an extra. While it’s not quite as strong as The Man in the Net, it’s still worth renting and enjoying.

The Man in the Net (Movie Review)
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