The Mo Salah Price Could Affect Liverpool’s Contracts

The Mo Salah price could affect the contract of a number of players at Liverpool. Rumours suggest that Salah’s transfer cost could reach EUR150 million. While it is difficult to determine a player’s real worth, the right price for a particular player can be based on many factors, such as the player’s quality and the club’s financial stability. Liverpool must remember that Salah, a high-quality player, would prefer to stay at the club.

The Premier League’s top striker, Mohamed Salah, has earned more than his teammate Kevin de Bruyne. De Bruyne makes nearly 20 million euros a season, while Salah earns 400k a week from Liverpool. His total earnings are dominated by Salah’s image rights and players’ wages. Salah’s earnings are not accounted for by his wages. For example, Salah’s wages account for only 18 million per year, while his Liverpool contract adds another 5 million to his earnings. He has also controlled his image rights, and has decided which brands to endorse.

However, this doesn’t mean that Liverpool will regret keeping him for another season. After all, Salah has reached new heights and could end his career in a historic way. FSG will have one final chance to cash in on the deal if Liverpool fail to pay the right fee. In addition, any transfer fee that is lower than PS112 million raises serious questions about the business of a player.

Salah’s demands are unrealistic. Liverpool want to keep Salah, but the transfer would strengthen their rivals and increase their standing within the European elite. Liverpool must have been incentivised to pay the fee as it would make them the highest-paid Premier League players. Thus, it is hard to estimate the actual price of a transfer of Salah, but PS112m seems to be a reasonable starting point for negotiations.

Salah’s contract will affect the transfer value, but the player is a beacon of consistency. In all but one season, Salah has scored 20 Premier League goals, including 19 when Liverpool won the league. As such, many people believe that Salah is the best player in the world. This value will be affected by Salah’s contract with FSG. If they sell him, FSG will need to squeeze every last penny from him.

John W. Henry, Liverpool’s owner, has expressed concern over the high price of Salah in the past. James Pallotta, Roma owner, said Henry complained about Salah’s transfer fee. Liverpool would make a huge mistake if it sells him. They would prioritize profit over keeping the player. With his incredible skills, Salah is an exceptional player who will be remembered fondly by Anfield fans.

The Mo Salah Price Could Affect Liverpool’s Contracts
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