The Most-Subscribed YouTuber of 2016

the most subscribed youtuber of 2016 28644

In a year marked by controversy, Logan Paul has become the most-subscribed YouTube star ever. He is a controversial figure. In 2016, he uploaded a video of a deceased man to his YouTube channel. It was viewed 6.3million times in 24 hours, triggering a public outcry about his insensitivity. Logan Paul apologized for the video and removed the entire clip from his YouTube channel. To help prevent suicide, the controversial YouTuber donated $1 million to charity. Despite controversy surrounding Logan Paul’s videos and his continued goal-setting, the unrelenting goal-getter has a substantial net worth.

Vine, a video-sharing platform that allowed users to post six-second videos, was the first platform that Logan Paul, a 24-year-old vlogger, gained attention. After Vine closed, Logan Paul took his popularity to the next level, launching his own YouTube channel with the names TheOfficialLoganPaul and LoganPaulVlogs. His channel now has more than a billion subscribers. And despite the controversy, Paul is thriving, having appeared on malls and in Dubai.

The Most-Subscribed YouTuber of 2016
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